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Personal Account: Pubs and Religion don't mix

I had been off drink for 8 months, I decided to go to a "real drinkers" bar in Mallow thinking nothing could go wrong & said the rosary in it at the bar while drinking Murphys. Following day I ended up in psychiatric hospital.

 Another time I went blessing a pubs in Donoghmore hoping nobody would notice my mad behaviour. When I went out to the car what I reminded me of the spirit of a deceased close relative rocking the car gently dancing with me or Faeries tricking me I was having the LSD like experience I had at Ailwee Cave again. I tried to drive home the roads became unfamiliar I was driving in the concept of Ireland again but was unable to and the car was almost out of petrol, my brother and favourite cousin rescued me, Thank you, my car ran out of petrol on the way home.

Another time I decided to go to a pub and have Red Wine, I blessed it like the priest as Jesus asked it to make it into his blood, it was an excuse to drink anyway the night didn't turn out wel…

Personal Account: The Fairytale, a religious experience

This is the story of Blessed Imelda Lambertini She died at age 11 receiving her first holy communion, she used to say “How could one eat the body of Christ ( that which created all that is ) & not die, smart girl. She wanted the Holy Communion so badly it levitated to her & she went into a state of ecstacy on receiving it &  Jesus faked her death immediately. The picture at the bottom left of the page is unfortunately not her body but a wax effigy but her actual body is nearly perfect, but not, due to our sin. The effigy personally said the Rosary with me when I visited her in Chisea di San Sigismondo in Bologna Italy. It was special.

Sleeping Beauty has been quitely sleeping almost 700 years since May 12 1333
how do I know she is sleeping?, well, St. Rita is also incorruptible, is a
restless sleeper & moving in the bed. Also incorruptible Old Testament Saints got out of their Tombs when Jesus died on the Cross for our Sins.

She is awaiting the return of her Prince Ch…

Are these magicians using Jinns, Genies or Demons?

Don't believe in the SuperNatural or Faeries, Demons or Leperachauns yet!, have a look either Computer Generated Graphics  have evolved to the point that it really is completely indistinguishable from reality & these magicians are using very convincing stooges. Did these guys sell their souls for Superpowers?, I honestly don't know.


David Blaine

Derren Brown

Youtube Demon Magic for more examples, is this stuff indication of End Times like the Egyptian magicians who made the Pharoh Arrogant against Moses, Scary Stuff.
If these guys truly have magical powers and are good people they should be using their powers to feed the hungry as Yif made the loaf in the video above and Dynamo made Fish  rather than using their powers to impress & seduce the ladies.

Near Death Experiences

God has been providing people with glimpses & hints of Heaven at least since man first walked the Earth. Outer body experiences or OBE’s are usually near death experiences or NDE’s when the soul or consciousness temporarily leaves the body & floats above it, from this perspective the person having the OBE can see things which would be impossible to see if the consciousness remained in the body, OBE’s prove there is a split between mind & body [ Ref: Dorreen Virtue, Angel Visions II  ]

Doreen Virtue was told that this is what she is to teach as a child during her OBE by an Angel or Spirit Guide. Blind people can see during NDE’s & show no brain activity while this is happening.

Near Death Experiencers see colours which don’t exist on earth these most likely are outside the visible spectrum and probably can see radio & gamma rays as colours. When the person is brain dead the consciousness is fully released from the body.

Some of the following events typically happen …

The Cosmic Consciousness

If God was small enough for us to understand he would not be big enough for us to worship according to the Bible but this is what has been revealed to me about God and I hope you find it interesting.

The Cosmic Consciousness is the sum total of all consciousnesses including Gods believed by most to be in the Universe. Consciousness is the only thing which exists the laws of physics is the program, a small program, which is what the Universal Computer runs its pure mathematics. Quite different from Newtonian Billard Ball physics as we best understand it, with any degree of conservative certainty. As Elon Musk puts it we are living in a simulation, or are we?

It's totally immoral but one could impersonate God. We are perfectly capable of creating the matrix today just superglue a VR headset to ones face at birth, put needles hot and cold generators in a bodysuit, inject drugs into people to control feelings and hormone levels like brain chemicals seritonin & dopamine. Heroin for…


Thomas Aquinas a medieval monk gave what I think is the most elegant proof of Gods existence & it still holds today, which might have been anticipated by Aristotle. His proof is based on the idea of the original mover. Everything that moves has to be caused to move by something that moves until ultimately something which doesn’t move causes the first thing to move. The thing which doesn’t move is God. The first movement was The Big Bang what caused that?

Another interesting observation offering evidence of Gods existence made by Socrates is that everything has a use even if it is only to be beautiful.

The opinions expressed here are a bit bizarre and my own. A spiritual event is where the laws of physics are disobeyed. Miracles are when a spiritual event occurs in this Universe sometimes believed to be caused by asking God or some other spirit to intervene through prayer. The probability of a scientifically explainable occurrence + the probability of a miraculous occurrence = 1. H…

What is the Universe & the EPR paradox

There is a concept in quantum mechanics which Einstein referred to as “Spooky action at a distance” or the EPR paradox. This happens when a pair of particles e.g. electrons interact with each other & are set up to have a quantum property e.g. total spin to be 0. The electrons then fly apart not interacting with anything else till the experimenter decides to look at them while the particles are travelling apart across the Universe, they are both in a superposition of spin states, both up & down. When the experimenter decides to measure the spin property of one electron owing to the "collapse of the wavefunction". The spin property of the other electron is instantaneously equal but opposite, i.e one electron spin up the other has spin down, this shows that non-locality is indeed a property of the quantum world.

How can the Universe be considered 3 dimensional in the Newtonian sense if interactions can happen across its entire width instantaneously.  The Universe is not…

The Schrodinger Cat

The Schrodinger Cat thought experiment was originally thought up by the Austrian physicist Erwin Schrodinger in 1926 to highlight the ridiculousness of quantum physics, it now is being used as an example to describe how quantum physics really is. In the thought experiment a cat is locked into a closed box with a radioactive substance which ejects a radioactive particle at random intervals,there is also a radiation detector in the box which will detect this radioactive particle if it is ejected, if a radioactive particle is detected a gun goes off which kills the cat. The box is soundproof& all the walls are opaque so the only way of telling if the cat isdead is by opening the box. The rules of quantum physics dictate that the cat is in a superposition of states, both alive & dead until the box is opened & observed this observing causes a “crystallizing of reality” which in quantum physics is called the “collapse of the wave function’. Some quantum physicists don’t believe…

The Science of Miracles

The atomic physicist David Bohm said “people are addicted to their beliefs”, atheist & spiritualist alike. “The man convinced against his will remains of same opinion still”.

Richard Dawkins the famous atheist springs to mind. So called scholars guard their academic reputations & scientists ignore miracles because God won’t bend to their will when they conduct silly experiments, the Bible says “Thou shall not put the Lord to the test”, Jesus meant it.

Also they may affect psychic experiments by intimidating psychics. Miracles typically only happen in crisis situations where situations are occurring which are against Gods will or the will or the will of a good person who prays a lot & is primarily interested in the greater good. The closest thing I can think of as an experiment for the power of prayer is to send terminal cancer patents to work with Heidi Baker of Iris Ministries & see how many survive once they & their family start praying praising god & helping…

Science proves nothing

All our knowledge has it’s origins in our perceptions.
Leonardo Da Vinci

It is a mistake to believe that a science consists in nothing but conclusively proved propositions, and it is unjust to demand that it should. It is a demand only made by those who feel a cravingfor authority in some form and a need to replace the religious catechism by something else, even if it a scientific one.
Sigmund Freud

Every sentence I utter must be understood not as an affirmation, but as a question.
Neils Bohr

Science is a method of describing the Universe, &, is based on largely reproducible observation which excludes divine intervention. It does this by providing formulas which hopefully accurately describe physical phenomena like Newtons laws of gravitation & motion. The notion that a compact formula can describe phenomena is called algorithmic compressibility. Humans containing only limited memory, &, only able to take in things of limited complexity generally desire algorithmic compressibili…

Personal Account: An LSD Like experience I had in 2011 with the Faeries

There was a friend of my sisters I was attracted to, I was working in Cork and eager to meet her. My cousin Mary thought I was high, I got angry and drove up to Sligo to meet her. Around Clare in Ireland the experience started getting weird, anger & desire for some romance drove me mad, I detached from reality,  I both had a Faerie Religious experience and possibly a Seritonin Dopamine imbalance of hormones in the brain it was like LSD, the roads started changing shape one minute I was 1 mile from Limerick next minute I was one mile from Galway, minute after that I was back near Lisdoonvarna.

I was driving in the concept of Ireland and my SatNav was useless, I started ringing peoples doorbells for help I got none. I rang my Boss Eoin and his concept of Ireland was as bizzare as my reality. I was a sane man living in an insane world.

After going up farm roads and onto Burren roads a few times and had a went to a pub for a half pint seeing as getting nowhere driving. I got a notion …

Personal Account: Why I believe one should one love Jesus and God ..... a gentle Bible Bashing

Dia dhuit, God be with you,
 These blog entries are not short, they are chapters, and most were originally intended to be part of a book, I'm constantly updating even old blog entries so apologies if this is not for you. I am diagnosed as schitzofrenic with hypomanic episodes, I consider my experiences as Shamanic & Spiritual as no doubt Jesus's experiences were, even if he could be in my opinion is actual Son of God. I also had Faerie/Leperachaun & arguably Satanic attacks. I'm still making sense of them. The rest of this post is spoken from a slightly brainwashed christian viewpoint which I still basically believe even if I'm not practicing as in as much of a hyperreligious way and beating myself up every time I sin which is greatly relieving my mental illness from a symtomatic point of view in the short term at least, I might go to Hell for my neglect but being a major sinner from a Catholic viewpoint I'm doing less Bible bashing and Jesus did say before…