The Science of Miracles

The atomic physicist David Bohm said “people are addicted to their beliefs”, atheist & spiritualist alike. “The man convinced against his will remains of same opinion still”.

Richard Dawkins the famous atheist springs to mind. So called scholars guard their academic reputations & scientists ignore miracles because God won’t bend to their will when they conduct silly experiments, the Bible says “Thou shall not put the Lord to the test”, Jesus meant it.

Also they may affect psychic experiments by intimidating psychics. Miracles typically only happen in crisis situations where situations are occurring which are against Gods will or the will or the will of a good person who prays a lot & is primarily interested in the greater good. The closest thing I can think of as an experiment for the power of prayer is to send terminal cancer patents to work with Heidi Baker of Iris Ministries & see how many survive once they & their family start praying praising god & helping the people of Mozambique any way they can financially or otherwise food an clothes are possibly the best way owing to the corruption in Mozambique , with Jesus’s help Iris Ministries Missionaries has raised approximately 100 people from the dead in Mosambique &

Heidi & her Husband Rolland a Caltech trained Physicist & miracle worker regularly gets terminal diseases herself which Jesus regularly cures.

Heidi Bakers Testimonies are below.


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