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How the Multiiverse is programmed by God..., well at least to a first approximation, Physics the Shamanic Way

Sorry this is a long read, some obvious, some not, most backed up by evidence which should get the athiests & psychiatric doctors think, &, I'll provide more evidence to anyone who is curious and cares to visit me. Apologies for my use of bad language, &, insulting people, it's in jest, &, I hope doesn't get me locked up yet again :). Also sorry for the lack of commas it was written pretty much as a thought stream & I haven't got around to correcting grammar yet, read slowly, carefully and don't be intimidated by the madness.

This post is bound to upset the conservative and narrowminded so please read with it open all the way for maximum benefit and please feel free to make comments with points you disagree with. Just to give you a taste of what to expect from Facebooks shamanic view of mental illness channel.

I know people who have heard fake Jesus commentaries pop up on their computer automatically as if God is asking what do you think of that…

We have the technology it can be done all google have to do is throw AI training data at it

Automated computer language translation using google translate e.g. javascript to C.

Is this already done!!!!!!!!!

Gold on the internet regarding the Riemann Hypothesis and more some of the most interesting and understandable results you'll find

Finally a decent explanation of the Riemann Hypothesis you won't find this stuff in laymans books on the subject at all I've done a lot of research on it & it's great to finally find stuff of this quality on the net.

Proof of the_Euler product formula for the Riemann zeta function

Correction of a proof on the internet which got millions of hits which is bullshit 1+2+3+4.....=-1/12 the guy Mathologer who made this video is masterful, and, well worth following on YouTube.

Equation Tree javascript libraries

Equation trees are described in the following link, the idea is depreciated in my opinion based on Volkers semantic tree implementation at the bottom of the email not being as good as I'd hoped which is an implementation of the idea.

The following links could help implement equation trees.

jquery org charts


enhanced lex & yacc in javascript

Configging mathjax to output commonhtml


Javascript popups in MathML MathJax

Good MATHML examples

MathJax contextual menu

Hi Denis,
While this might not be directly related to your proposal, you might find the following formula tree visualisation interesting: The displayed trees correspond to the semantically richer structure that my speech rule engine uses internally and that we use in MathJax to voice formulas.
Best, Volker

github semantic-tree-visualiser
Also, you might consider the \texttip and \mathtip ma…

Atomic Scramjet Drones for Mars

As I covered in my book, The Nerds Survival Guide out of print, Richard Feynmans idea of Atomic Jet or Scramjets which zip around orbiting in the thin upper Atmosphere, till they reach well beyond escape velocity, &, can spiral slingshot faster and faster in the thinner & thinner atmosphere trying not to melt from friction,  to the Moon, Mars, & beyond, rather than using Rockets is a fantastic idea as no propellant is needed saving loads of weight. It might even still be able to accelerate in free Space if there is minute amount of Gas in the Vacuum of Space.

My three enhancements are based on how technology has evolved are to use Drones ( already done ) ,we can't put Humans on them for the moment  as the amount of Lead needed for the human Habitat to prevent radiation killing the Astronaut & Miners is damn heavy for a flying vehicle,  an extended TCP/IP commodity Mobile Phone Network reaching to Mars to make communication cheaper using Stun & Turn & ICE se…

Japanese Knotweed info

Japanese knotweed control at the University of Leicester here.

Dick Shaw video on invasive plants & control methods here