How the Multiiverse is programmed by God..., well at least to a first approximation, Physics the Shamanic Way

Sorry this is a long read, some obvious, some not, most backed up by evidence which should get the athiests & psychiatric doctors think, &, I'll provide more evidence to anyone who is curious and cares to visit me. Apologies for my use of bad language, &, insulting people, it's in jest, &, I hope doesn't get me locked up yet again :). Also sorry for the lack of commas it was written pretty much as a thought stream & I haven't got around to correcting grammar yet, read slowly, carefully and don't be intimidated by the madness.

This post is bound to upset the conservative and narrowminded so please read with it open all the way for maximum benefit and please feel free to make comments with points you disagree with. Just to give you a taste of what to expect from Facebooks shamanic view of mental illness channel.

I know people who have heard fake Jesus commentaries pop up on their computer automatically as if God is asking what do you think of that & Trump commenting about his China problem, people hearing French radio channels in their heads probably because Alien radio implants are experiencing interference and a modest genius who has had telepathic communication with aliens he believe are benovolent.

Not to mention the good Shepard a drinking buddy whom Dr lamb said would never walk again after falling 3 stories well Dr. Lamb the frigging athiest with no belief in God or the Virgin Mary will be suprised to know that the Shepard is doing just fine while Dr. Lamb has long departed from what is our view of reality and is pushing up daisies for the last 20-30 years.

 Some anquaintence who never went to psychiatric hospital slightly badass who couldn't take constructive criticism so demons in the next room started giving them advice and they couldn't beat them up. Also another close friend who hears weak demons after 9 glasses of Vodka asking him to beat people up which he is nice enough to usually ignore unless they really frigging deserve it. An athiest who had a bad tree talking to him after hash pure Celtic, these are some of the friends I've made who've had Shamanic experiences... they exist.

 Almost forgot to mention a 100% sane friend the sanest guy I know and his daughter saw a fairy flying away from something chasing it.So whaddya waiting for enjoy....

MA eyes is a popping.. Má eyes is a popping.

Do you believe in the anthropic principle? my personal version of it is the Universe had to be allow conscousness for Quantum Physics to work so it could exist????

My Multiuniverse is a 3D computer screen which is written in interpreted Python & running on a Raspberry PI++. Admittedly God can control other senses too. As Goethe said man will spend his entire life chasing pleasure and avoiding pain.

Why not a Mac C or Mathematica you might ask?????
You might think I'm going off topic here in places...mentioning shamanism..., I'm not, Bizzarely enough I'm telling you why I believe God made the decisions he did. Well Macs are far too expensive, also shamanically evil, while Raspberry PI's are cheap, buy a Nokia phone next time their image is a Koala and they are Finnish like Linus and they blew everybody out of the water before the iPhone from a company with modest beginnings making jackspaper.

I own a Sony phone at the moment, which I'm quite happy with, despite bollixing up a good job with them in Brussels owing to stress driving in a 70MPH traffic jam driving to work, & a dream project I shamanically law of attraction, wished for, I left Apple because I wanted to design a perfomance monitor for the PowerPC, writing a performance monitor for Linux on the the Playstation 3 which I was too incompetent to do, because, I was tranqilised on antipsychchotics and drinking a bit ( Boozy the alcoholic horse, a free DOS/Raspberry PI compatible game I wrote 25 years ago, is a shamanic image of me )

Heres the shirt I wore in a fairly high security psychiatric hospital called BurgerHospital ( where all the people whose brains are temporarily fucked like hamburgers hang out ) in Stuttgart where I was tended to by a Dr. Tux who the fuck is he LINUXGUYS, I've a psychiatric Twin who heard a fake Jesus who lived in New York drinks a little too much a lovely lady Nora Doherty who heard Them talking about the Fake Jesus in Australia and Trump fighting about China when she didn't start YouTube while I heard my nephew on iTunes who only believes in Science impersonating Borat shamefully wonderfully a 3 years old for 10 minutes on iTunes at my cousin Marys house & she never had a supernatural experience & is perfectly logical....... answer me this psychiatric doctors even Froyd had the cop on to research Shamanism at the end of his life and wished he spent more time at it.

and just before this on my first attempt to email myself the Horseheads from new York Sweatshirt ( please read the paragraph above and interpret the evidence. I recieved this wonderful picture by spam from Huggies either I'm going to have a baby like Arnie Schwatznegger or I'm going to maintain my beer gut for the rest of my life no matter how much I evercise at least that's what Gods sense of humour is like for me. Sorry these pictures aren't going right for me Jesus is in control again

 & it was the hardware was badly documented &, awkwardly designed, a bad fit for iProfile the performance monitor tool I was porting to. I was escorted out of the building when I told them I could not fulfill the contract. Thank you Geert for still talking to me.

Also Mathematica is not open source and is slowed down or pages a lot while running on the wonderful Raspberry PI making the PI look slow and useless so that God inspired Wolfram could overcharge for his Software, Mr Wolfram people will sponsor you for new features and pay hansomely if they have the money 129 euro for a student edition of Mathematica you gotta be kiddin and you most certainly don't have to reinvent GPU code like your AI Tensorflow copycat and your OpenCV stuff if your using open source you are not giving credit where credit is due in your latest features video... start using Github. and concentrate on the fill the gaps not invent them we want githubbed innovative shit. I'm a horticulture student on disabilty which nobody will hire because I'm a overtranquilised loose cannon, I've even a letter from an unemployment support group of the government where I looked for a job certifying me as unemployable. Gimme a job.

Also the well commented Python code now at last supports Multiple Threads, and, the code will run in 10000 years time as it doesn't use pointers, so, it doesn't have to be recompiled when computer architectures double the size of pointers so he can save game state and move to a bigger architecture when this Universe over expands as it does, &, God upgrades to the Raspberry PI+1.

God began the Universe with Conways Game of Life, but then Eve bit the Apple and all Hell Broke loose and Gods Universe nearly ran out of memory.

Before the Universe got relativistic when einstien came up with the suggestion he programmed the video on the human holodeck in Blender & Python.

after that he added 4 lines of code to blender for Lorenz Transformations so people could observe in video what it is like to travel at half the speed of light.

I haven't figured out the quantum bit yet because I don't fully understand quarternions spinors or Penrose which cause electrons return to their original rotation after 180 degrees and gravitons 720 degrees.

Then as in some videos on Heaven like where the music follows your mood on a good day he put 12 dimensions or semitones in String Theory.

Just like it does in Heaven all the time.

A First Course In String Theory was the book Ed Witten was kind enough to recommend to me,
watch this masterful video for the lowdown by Brian Greene... thank you .... thank you .... thank you... masterful worthy of the TERRIBLE GRRRRAAAANNNTTTT

Here is some more string theory by the sublime Erik Mongrain the video is a few years old now so his guitar style is as dated as Bach.

The Maths library God uses is Sympy, God comments his code with insights about how the code works which are unicode internationalised e.g.comments in english like # en for english using chain rule while integrating or # cn for chinese should be added so these can be automatically outputted so any clown can figure out what the math is doing. Please add comments in this style to sympy and ask localisation experts for siggestions, he just loves it, he doesn't have to us mere mortals don't have to spend 3 years in College learning how to solve silly integrals, repeating steps that poor old Newton figured out 300 years ago and a few Greeks figured out a lotng time before him.

Newton made silly intimidating sqiggles and dx dys  and other things to make this Mathematical language scary rather than plain text names like integrate which leaves the person reading it at least know what its called even if they don't undersand it. God had a love hate thingy with Newton because he caused MathML to be a hard to layout fuckup of a standard in HTML and made the semantic web near impossible for Math.

When it comes down to it  all integration is, is a very very clever method of finding the area under the curve, differentiation the slope of a line & if the sympy code is commented one can figure out what the maths with Newtons insights any idiot can figure out what Newton was upto when he came up with the crazy God inspired Principa Mathematica stuff.

 Or even worse than reading comments go through the horrible drudgery of watching that horrible horrible 3blue1brown videos on YouTube who explain all Maths and leaves horrible badly written revision notes that nobody can understand on manim on github. What a horrible man you are 3blue1brown....... absolutely horrible. YOU CAN'T CODE FOR SHIT GRANT SANDERSON fuckin crap.... fuckin crap.... and I want absolutely everybody to email him about how crappy his code is! :)

Also by the way God uses Reverse Polish Notation he finds brackets redundant.

About the Author

D.J. Barrow the Nerd Survivor a Feynman fan likes walking his doggie Barney... Was on Tranqulisers for the last 20 years because people don't like his behaviour when he runs around naked & lock him up when semi delusional state whenDemons are chasing him, he has little evidence except a feeling that he was chased by Demons to know how a fox feels & he had the embarrassment of showing off his wee willy to a neighbour who was kind enough to call the cops so he could go to psychiatric hospital after midnight, nobody believes him despite it's a fact of quantum physics that ( BREAKING NEWS PHYSICISTS BREAKING NEWS GENERALISATION OF THE SCHROEDINGER CAT GENERILISATION OF THE SCHROEDINGER CAT ITS CRAZIER THAN WE THOUGHT ) we can n observers can all have different experiences of the same universe this is a simple paper but the maths made it hard isn't that right Virgin Mary when visionaries observe you in Garabandal but most don't. He's a wanabee shaman who nobody will hire as he is weird and out of control. Please look at the rest of my blogs and comment away.... hope you find them interesting ladies and gentlemen goodnigh, his website is here, his best code is here and he is crying because nobody checked out the code to fix the bugs or improve on it despite getting 2000 reads for an article on it for marketing reasons I'm going to rename the project to Dirac cos praise Jesus ..... dramatic pause for 5 seconds .....I've the arrogance to say thats how good it is it pulls crazy equations out of the air to curve fit in an inhuman way like Dirac did yes this gives a joe blogs the superpowers of frigging Dirac. Dirac is unfortunately dead and string theorists I don't think you'll be searching 10 to the power of 500 Calabu Yau spaces whatever that means for your reality without my program or some variation of it running on a Quantum Computer or something.... Give it 50 years... yes D.J. is happy cos he's walking his dog while Dirac is doing number crunching in the background..

God doesn't like Grand Theft Auto 5 because its brilliant but written by very brilliant cocaineheads, a bad influence on impressionable 30 year olds who should know better as I didn't, go to strip clubs in it, and kill Hookers after Blowjobs & theres no Hell visit in the game to scare the shit out of one or reward for being good, an it's pure voodoo in a shamanic sense & you don't get the consequences of Hell in the Game. Also fortnite has been the cause of 200 divorces so far. Attach GTA5 to an electric fencer at least if the game ends in evil.
I'm a betting man and in my opinion there is a God, I settle all bets in the next life.

P.S. The amount of information stored in the Universe is not dependent in it's volume it's dependent on it's area. The video is well thought n profound at 55mins except for the initially strange and maybe unneccessary fishie flyin at the speed of sound analogy which is needed at the end. almost everybody who is remotely interested knows what a black hole is and the video could be done in 15 minutes if he cut to the chase.

I love his Theoretical Minimum books but his videos need to be speeded up severely and made better for YouTube..... WHERE IS THAT TERRIBLE CODER..... GRRRRAAANNNTTT...... GGGGRRRRRAAAAANNNNNNTTTTT Feynman doesn't give the full story and implications and Susskind makes it obvious that the universe is loads of equations with strangeness and not Newtonian at all but seems to simplify some stuff, it's great for understanding but the early stuff in the quantum physics seems a simplification and not the full truth in place.

While in other places you get all sorts of factoids not mentioned in Feynman at all. I think the books is supposed to fill in the bits Feyman leaves out If studying quantum read both. Quantum-Mechanics-Demystified comes highly recommended as an exercise book but even I think I found ommissions & mistakes in the first few pages but I'm a clown & could be wrong.

The previous video implies that the total amount of information stored in the Universe is the 2D surface area of the Universe enclosed. My insight of this from a Shamanic/Voodoo standpoint is that there is an object in your 2D field of view which will give you information on the state of anyone you are thinking about. E.g. That spam email, that statue of Buddah that reminds you of a person, has it a crack around the heart ( a broken heart ) or a knee broken. 

As a treat here is a lovely book on Shamanism coincidences given to me by Steven a facebook friend from the "Shamanic view of mental illness" group. He is wired to the moon too and recently opened up about aliens have a look at the book title and see if you notice a similar topic to Susskind on the more fractal level, the interesting book is here.

If you need more evidence of Gods existance watch Stigmata 1989 YouTube AFAIK she ain't faking it.

There are 2 religions the one of love and fear the top of the pop sins is a lie, tell Donald Trump, what I agree with in his policies is people who commit abortion should be thown in jail, there is such a thing as adoption. Does hell exist but YouTube NDE Hell & the number of people who had a near death experience with hell will scare the beyjaysus out of you, please be careful, higher powers are at least threatening us with this possibility. To thy self be true, a quote of an old friend, I lied to myself for years.

Linus you are nice, very nice, you made me feel significant when I was only writing prototype quality code as fast as I could which Martin Schwidefsky fixed up to get Linux for S/390 out the door before it might have been canned, as for your What is this SHIT??? comments at least you still care after nearly 30 years, even Jesus lost his Temper be nice to the inexperienced but enthuastic, not the sloppy who should know better, if they are having emotional problems like the typical nerd who can't pull a woman because of drink esteem or a small willy ( you asked for this challenge before coming to earth ) help them out, nerds read this, n this haven't read it yet but the title suggests it's relevant, it's a wake up call do you really want to be married 5 years down the line as Antony DeMello said in Awakening one doesn't fall in love with a person they fall in love with whom they romantically think they are, a look, a giggle, or a touch can be insincere, ask any flirt, I didn't believe people lied to me till I was 40. Linus what new project are you upto?, I know your upto something interesting, another git maybe, you made a powerful and difficult beast out of it github and this book tame it, I thought I was going senile it was so difficult to master I still can't do a merge. P.S. I nearly shat myself when I saw the masterpiece thats make menuconfig, did you come up with that??

Dana for President of Ireland?, laugh as you might, but, unlke the Pope, shes an honest unpretentious christian I think, my most full on shamanic experience EVER involved her. A friend in psychiatric had crossed wires with politicans annoying her and screamed out "No I don't want to be fucking president of Ireland" it was the funniest thing I saw in my entire life but it drove him mental.

We are all here to learn from each other... thank you Richard Feynman & Jesus... do you own a dog and why isn't he mentioned in the bible,BTW my favourite facebook group is "The Shamanic view of mental illness", the place to go if you want to find out the strange stuff about Physics & more importantly life without visiting the psychiatric hospital, God bless

P.S. Yet again Firefox extensions seem harder to write than i originally anticipated if someone wants to help me make use of some of the ideas I'm talking about here you can write the 500 lines of JavaScript I'll do the heavy lifting with 3 lines of sympy n a python webserver which only takes 1 line write apparently thanks Anton Wallace whose been banging this nugget at me for years and I've been ignoring him because he is now a mathematician :), and a few secret sauce hacks which i'll give credit to the fine guys who wrote them do something profound very profound if i can get it going. I want an expert or someone on a mission from GOD with enthuasism. I hope I haven't given the frigging game away all you need to do is look at how good sympy is and join the dots. If you are really dumb and need another hint google a little known maths gem called infiniReader I'm very interested in talking to them............... There was a guy on the sympy mailing list away ahead of me in 2012 with an enhancement request I nearly shat myself that I was a day late a dollar short with the original idea but no developer took him seriously.... Okay okay i'll give the game away what I want is a peice Javascript plugin which can select MathML and give it to me on a websocket. It might already be written if you look on github.

this looks interesting

Apparently David Tong makes Diracs crazy "inhuman" is the word people used when he came up with it... Quantum Field Theory accessible if you are willing to sit down for 16 hours & watch them. I haven't sat though the marathon yet, I've hardly started. God bless youtube n blogger n reddit for getting the word out.

a sweetie the golden ratio

Thre Tao of Physics, Penguin Dictionaries of Mathematics and Physics come highly recommended, Feynman didn't expain his own theory QED Well Enough and most of the work on QCD is poorly thought out I only recently figured out that QCD was about the Strong force I think. Youtube Electroweak theory and the Higgs Boson
I've pointed you at enough figure out the rest.......

Love you all & be grateful not to me probably to Jesus
I'm getting lazy now

How smart are we anyway with all our mathematics and string theory well string theorists recently thought 1+2+3+4=-1/12 and they had me fooled too..... YouTube it.

Bees are very clever creatures busy keeping us alive with beautifully simple communication they now r recycling plastic for beeswax they are cleverer than us in ways they can play football. They thought each other to play football to get a reward YouTube it. They learn much faster than evolution and than us. Pure very nice lovely beneficial to mankind....Borges we live in a cube hive mentality. We've barely started making recycled plastic roads & despite having done an organic gardening course my quality of recycling effort is shabby, the bees are at it 100% commited & every so often one has a God given mutant brilliant brainfart can they teach this!!! they teach football!!! jesus they must be as smart of us !!!! they have even been thankful to man when saved and become pets !!! which he distribute to the rest of the hive mentality, we're stupider just because we launched a man to the moon big shit why would bees wanna go there there are no flowers there ask Elon Musk n his atomic bomb Mars for water brainfart see Linda Liliac I'm not a shauvinist, I insult everybody, I'm just jealous of him cos hes a billionaire and a bit better looking too.

Impressive but God was watching our ass with cosmic ray prevention, the 4 bit computer badly programmed by a woman i think  ( shovaunist pig i hear you say i think its a fact and I stand to be corrected )landing unit failed Armstrong landed by the seat of his pants without computer aid he needed a faster Raspberry PI at the time they are quite fast despite what my technology spoilt nephew says and quite capable of emulating old mainframe code at full speed with Hercules there only $29.95 if the banks can trust a computer without voting mechanisms and redundancy which might fail too PI's are quite reliable for 2-3 years and i'd be more worried about buggy software from layering microcode virtualisation etc. PIGUYS an on off switch would be nice rather than wearing connectors, just my opinion just my opinion, radiation shielding and magnetic traps might make processors more reliable preventing cosmic rays causing bit errors simply but what do I know, the astronauts ( back to story ) broke a switch getting back in thanks be to God it wasn't that important. GOD HELPED. Aldrin ended up an alcoholic because his life from there on was an anticlimax depressing.

YouTube monkeys riding hog outdo Lester Piggott.

My dog was able to brush his teeth with a toothbrush at 2, I still frequently can't do it at 50 despite dentist warnings that I'm going to lose more owing to gum disease.

My dog Barney re configured his baskets this way to keep himself warm in winter all by himself. 

He loves being put on a leash when he gets near cats because he knows he can't control himself.

He kisses me for food.
Pressure is for tyres get a loving dog from an animal shelter do an organic gardening course we've 3 days food in shops if petrol runs out its also needed for making artificial fertiliser and roundup if you want cancer. Bill mollison permaculture Google it also the secret life of plants. You will meet nice friends in the gardening course and once you wind down and open your eyes fixer uppers in the pub too. Leave the posers and narcissistic and ungentlemanly and ungrateful  enjoy their own company. 

Dog watching himself perform on YouTube.

Ask any dog what do they think of atomic weapons? then ask Trump.

Octopusses can handle 8 arms, have a distributed brain network open jamjars find their way around mazes better than people and change colour to match their environment

I can keep going and going I hope I made my point.

The reason animals don't do string theory is they know perfectly well God can do anything he likes & only leaves the laws of physics obeyed so we'd predict whats going on with the exception of rabbits dazzled by cars animals do quite well.

Baby talk bit for 3 year olds trying to understand sympy
Sympy code like bookey Wookey if code commented learn crazy hard math easy easy code work code do math nó silly math symbol name like integrate differentiate matrix algebra solve all plain English simple i fluent at baby talk big idea from silly shaman no :) The nerds survival guide a personal story of success as a programmer getting hooked on strippers alcoholism matchmaking going wrong shamanic angels visiting bottom of bed as policemen psychiatric hospital tranquilizers disguised as medicine karate girl whom I'm half convinced was the virgin mary who beat me up preparing to beat demons in the battle of armageddon judging from the picture above and more written when i was arrogant and clueless suppose i still am.

I nearly forgot a plug for the best free synth software in the world code available Sam Aaron is a guy you'll be hearing more of.

P.S. Steven Swart posted books here very head opening books on Sun 23 Sept 2018 in the morning, have a look for them, I'm trying to get him put a website up instead


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