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Terminator is nearly here

Terminator is nearly here

This one is real, made by Boston Dynamics and so hot Google sold the hot potato before it burned their "Do no Evil" reputation.
Latest Boston Dynamics Somersaulting  robot.

Men claiming to be Jesus living in Australia and Siberia

Nora a friend got a message on her computer from him via a virus or something psychic. Also heard a soldiers dying message on her phone she lives in Ireland so there is no way she should be hearing this stuff.

The Jesus appears to be preaching a New Age free love "soulmate" message listen to it and decide for yourself if it's biblical, I think he might be encouraging AIDS. A false Christ is supposed to appear in Jerusalem before the real Christ so be very careful.
Below is another Cult leader from Siberia who has 2 wives claiming to be a reincarnated Jesus Sergey Anatolyevitch Torop known by his followers as Vissarionwho is into Permaculture and preaching a message closer to the message of Jesus. In his system this does not make him God, but instead the word of God.. which is almost reasonable. He also tells us the bad companies from the good companies.

and Elvis

Pope Francis claims Jesus is a metaphor not Literal

Article here
I don't know how true it is but if it is he is a dangerous man.
1 hour 45 minute rant of where Pope Francis Blasphemes.

Maybe Sinead O'Connor should have torn up his picture instead.
This is a picture of Pope Francis enhanced admittedly the artist flipped the picture across the midpoint a joke but a funny one :).

Below is the same picture enhancement done to Barack Obama

Three angels appeared around this mans bed

This is what happened to me when 3 Police appeared around my bed to show me where I was going wrong in life and take me to psychiatric hospital.

NDE message of Jesus for Nature lovers

You were put on the Earth to take care of the Earth

Alon Anava Jewish 1 hour 40 mins intense Jewish NDE

This is an unbelievably intelligent Jew who doesn't believe Jesus is the Messiah, I do.He thinks he spent 5 million years in Hell, I think it scared him to have an IQ of 1000.

For more this is his his website

Excellent detailed 2 hour long testimony of visit to heaven


Best of Pastor Tony Kemp


This guy was in the mind of Christ...... unbelievable

These two Gentlemen had the ultimate Jesus Shamanic experience And here is a second testimony from a more deserving man IMHO 200 days fasting in a year, well done.
Ohhh I'm so Jealous, I know where I'll be spending most of my spare time in Heaven if I get there...., in the mind of God of course, the curious scientists dream.

A related more religion neutral near death expereince where a lady got to know everything to happen in eternity and the mind of God is below.

The real dirt on Richard Dawkins book The Selfish Gene

Richard Dawkins doesn't know yet but it but his divinely inspired masterpiece "The Selfish Gene" part about recognising cheaters ( a large part of the book ) is the rulebook to getting into Heaven and being written into the Lambs Book of Life, Jesus gave his life so we can be saved, Richard, do your Game Theory and figure out if we deserve Heaven, eternal bliss, and life by denying this sacrifice, somebody should tell him :).

Richard Dawkins & similar atheists believe it’s that Genes are selfish & that people/animals basically don’t have free will when it comes to their own survival, it’s the Genes which control the show, also people die because of the rules of survival of the fittest & the genes in a person/animal can’t improve themselves so they die to make room for the next improved generation of the species & new genes.

A Meme is an idea which spreads in peoples minds through gossip & have similar characteristics to genes. Altruism can be shown th…

Maths is on shaky foundations

Heres a simple puzzle
let x=0
cancel the x's on both sides

Kurt Godel one of Einstiens colleagues in Princeton proved that Mathematics can have statements for which something can't be decided to be false or true. The rules of Mathematics are like a Bishop on a chessboard they can't get to all the squares on the board.  See the youtube video

or the link below

Or this one to wreck your head I don't know if its a trick or not.

actually this guy masterfully corrects the bullshit in the previous video which got millions and millions of hits and many still believe fully which made by guys who claim to know string theory should be smarter.

Personal Account: My trip to Garabandal

In Garabandal there were around 2500 visits by the Blessed Mother from 1961 to 1965 during which the visionaries were in Ecstacy. The visionaries & locals did a poor job of promoting the place & they were treated badly by sceptics. The main visionary Concita Gonzales high tailed it to the U.S.A. & basically wanted to hide her children from bullying & herself from ridicule. In Medugorje there are typically 20,000 visitors & the blessed Mary regularly appears. The blessed Mary has the budget of genuine prayers praising Jesus to work with to suspend the laws of nature so she can appear. She was running into spiritual liquidation in Garabandal so she had to leave the place & head to the greener pastures of Medugorje where she has been since 1981. When I was there one week after the 50th anniversary of the Miracle there were approximately 10 pilgrims there a fact which really annoyed me.

THE Miracle as described in the link A…