The real dirt on Richard Dawkins book The Selfish Gene

Richard Dawkins doesn't know yet but it but his divinely inspired masterpiece "The Selfish Gene" part about recognising cheaters ( a large part of the book ) is the rulebook to getting into Heaven and being written into the Lambs Book of Life, Jesus gave his life so we can be saved, Richard, do your Game Theory and figure out if we deserve Heaven, eternal bliss, and life by denying this sacrifice, somebody should tell him :).

Richard Dawkins & similar atheists believe it’s that Genes are selfish & that people/animals basically don’t have free will when it comes to their own survival, it’s the Genes which control the show, also people die because of the rules of survival of the fittest & the genes in a person/animal can’t improve themselves so they die to make room for the next improved generation of the species & new genes.

A Meme is an idea which spreads in peoples minds through gossip & have similar characteristics to genes. Altruism can be shown through game theory as a means through which genes can survive & selfish individuals eventually fail to survive because they are detected as cheats.

Christianity is redundant. Queen bees don’t spread their own genetics just the genetics of bees lower down the food chain in their hive. The extended phenotype is the idea that birds nests for birds, the ability to use tools for people is an extension of the person or animal & should be regarded as an extension of ones limb from a genetic standpoint.

The God Delusion and the Virgin Mary

70,000 people in Fatima, where the Virgin Mary appeared saw the sun falling from the Sky, some people believe this mass hallucination to be a UFO, I'm on the fence, the Virgin Mary in apparitions promotes a repedative prayer or called the Rosary which is  anti biblical, admittedly you are supposed to Meditate on events in Jesus's life doing this and speak it like you mean it, the idea of Purgatory which is at best vaguely endorsed in the bible as people offered indulgances & never mentions whether God accepted the indulgance, and promotes building Graven Images like Virgin Mary statues against no.2 of the 10 commandments which is a prime reason why protestants abhor the Catholic Church. Jesus also said "I am the way truth and the life, there is no way to the father except through me" so why do 80% of the prayers in the rosary begin with the words Hail Mary?. the question is God says he is a jealous God and doesn't want strange Gods put before him so does he really want to share his Glory with Mary?, the bible says Generations will call me blessed, is this enough? Even a book in the local Eucharistic Chapel with Messages from Medugorje wisely begins with the caveat "all the Glory belongs to God.".  And the Bible says that Demons can appear as "Beings of Light". Admittedly there is a commandment Honour your mother and your father. Also John 19:27 in the Bible, Jesus says to the disciple while on the cross "Here is your mother". Plenty of good arguments are available here the most important one is that the virgin Mary didn't remain a virgin according to the Bible.

The feelings of Bliss virgin Mary visionaries could be crudely simulated by current technology by a dose of Opiate injected by a remote control via an implant just before the virgin mary arrives, eye implants to see the Visions in augmented reality ( related Sony is doing this ), ear implants implants to hear the Virgin Mary, talking, aliens often do operations on people in abduction stories or it could be Demonic, some people believe Aliens are Satans Demons and demons looking like aliens have been seen in Hell by Near Death Experiencers.

also read this and ask yourself is the Virgin Mary a Demon taking the piss with this "Miracle" I found in Garabandal.

Back to Fatima Despite it raining all day & the peoples clothes instantly drying after the UFO disappearing into the sky If life came to exist from chemicals a 747 can assemble itself by a wind blowing through a junkyard, Dawkins wrongly dismisses the 747 argument as wrong.

Who says atheists are knowledgeable....


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