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Raspberry PI it's much cheaper and better than One Laptop Per Child ideal for computing in the developing world

My my my o my mamas sweet raspberry pi, use mobdro for all TV channels it's much easier than Kodi. At $26.99 from Amazon here &, even less from the Raspberry PI Zero W is quite a machine, you can't go far wrong, sexy as hell the raspberry pi phone is cabled and even capable of running ARM MacBook Air and iPhone software if device drivers are written, &, anyone wanted to cripple it with an inferior OS to Linux... It also can run Android. The hi end raspberry pi board costing around a massive $30 now runs windows 10.
This plugs into the hdmi socket of a TV. It duplicates functionality of a ChromeCast with Raspicast.
Here is the Raspberry PI Zero W running a DOS game I wrote, Boozy the Alcoholic Horse in 1993 almost perfectly. The game is available for free download here. It also does Microsoft Word compatible word processing and web browsing.
It is a little sluggish playing YouTube videos as it only has 512MB RAM but with
RaspiCast a free Android App you can…