interesting documentary on the woes of Hong Kong


Physicist Sean Carroll on the Joe Rogan Show

Good lecture on the basics of quantum mechanics.

Perspectives & musings on the value of science

Scientific knowledge, is just an emotion ,that goes off in the pattern matching computer in the brain when a person like Einstein spots a pattern. ( makes a discovery ).

 Esotheric knowledge acquired from faeries, like Biodynamics, invented by Rudolf Steiner & ancients like Shamen, using horoscopes, to predict the correct time to plant crops, is, getting far better results than gardening by scientific method. The best gardeners are essentially witches.

Who is to say a massive star in the sky hasn't more control over a living organism than a tiny cell in its body.

my first poem

A word of love means so much
A touch a kiss, is pure bliss
Don't be rude, allow love
Allow sweet dreams to happen
You are the one my heart adores Jesus heal me from my sores Battle scars of life and strife Who have you chosen to be my wife Have I chosen drink by mistake  please correct me from this fate If theres only you make the moment in eternity last please dear Jesus, cure my fast
intolerance in this world politicians/clerics hold dear there are only 2 religions one of love one of fear what have i done for my fellow man we need to care for this world and get wise as fast as we can greed, lies, ignorance, disinformation, propoganda and deceit make people of this world fools, only you know all god, I know nothing

So much for the sentiments of the second verse
Anton, a friend sent me on a video related to this sentiment :)

impressive psychic John Edward


Killer Apps for the Boston Dynamics Spot Mini

The spot mini if done properly could end up nearly as big as the iphone.

It'll be on on sale shortly below is the latest video.

My killer App for it is picking weeds on Farms eliminating the need for roundup for farmers, it could get rid of pests like slugs too..., even humanely. Another killer App going through landfill and sorting recyclable materials but this is more difficult.

Deep learning means there are literally hundreds of plant identification apps for mobile phones, in reality these don't work too well as the plant flowers might not be on the plant & the plant location in the world the time of year plant bulbs & roots are not taken into account or smell. Even plant id forums run by experts don't gaurantee a definite identification the problem is too difficult. However identifying 5 common weeds among a crop is easy making the killer app for the spot mini practical.
The battery life for the spot mini is 90 minutes. So I suggest that a solar kennel for spo…