Einstien relativity question, could gravity be caused by electron spin and planets orbiting on their axis?

I had previously thought that gravity could be caused imbalances by electric charges in planets, Feynman thought of this first and probably Faraday before him & probably somebody else before him.

Einstien never watched the artificial gravity in 2001 Space Oddessy.

What happens to relativity in cases like this is?
If something hits off the outside of the rotating ship, it'll experience a type of antigravity, is this real from a relativistic standpoint???
Could gravity be caused by a rotating atoms nucleus or electrons flying around in orbitals or spn.
It's explored in this amazon book & this pdf. I never either it I'm just looking around & curious & only came up with this hot potato brainfart a few minutes ago, some I'm sure have this well explored, but I hope it will cause some imaginations to go whirring.

The dangers of 5G

The egomaniac consultants using iphones will have cancer......

Fairy fone Rant from the faeries: Thanks message for Elon Musk

Your an ideal candidate for the role of the word fortnight 14 are you keeping good health and safety skills and have a good one good sir.

D.J is a great Facebook group and a lot of people are you.

Thanks for the advice and support you have given.

Thanks for the advice to avoid the problem of getting a new one. 😍

personal account: Some Biblical herecy for you and anti Catholic arguments and the Battle of Armageddon in my house.

Pope Francis is known as saying the following herecies, I don't like the man, he should be a Buddhist monk give evidence for his statements like Documents on previous popes who had concubines who made up rubbish to keep the Catholic people in fear & enslaved during the Middle ages, the last pope I liked any bit was John Paul II & even Ratzinger is an improvement on the current edjit.

Jesus's death on the cross was a failure.

Jesus was a metaphor.

Every time after someone says Jesus is son of God in the bible in English he calls himself son of man, Jesus was son of the holy spirit not man, the Gender of the holy ghost according to wikipedia has been argued to be both male & female with weak arguments & the Holy Ghost might be well insulted if called a man. The only explanation I can come up with is the Holy Spirit incarnated as Man to make love with the Virgin Mary.

God is a Jealous God & one shall not have strange Gods before him as quoted in the bible so w…

How the Multiiverse is programmed by God..., well at least to a first approximation, Physics the Shamanic Way

Sorry this is a long read, some obvious, some not, most backed up by evidence which should get the athiests & psychiatric doctors think, &, I'll provide more evidence to anyone who is curious and cares to visit me. Apologies for my use of bad language, &, insulting people, it's in jest, &, I hope doesn't get me locked up yet again :). Also sorry for the lack of commas it was written pretty much as a thought stream & I haven't got around to correcting grammar yet, read slowly, carefully and don't be intimidated by the madness.

This post is bound to upset the conservative and narrowminded so please read with it open all the way for maximum benefit and please feel free to make comments with points you disagree with. Just to give you a taste of what to expect from Facebooks shamanic view of mental illness channel.

I know people who have heard fake Jesus commentaries pop up on their computer automatically as if God is asking what do you think of that…

We have the technology it can be done all google have to do is throw AI training data at it

Automated computer language translation using google translate e.g. javascript to C.

Is this already done!!!!!!!!!