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What is Consciousness & views on Horticulture & modern medicine

The views in this article are not necessarily generally accepted, they are an opinion.

Consciousness the Universe's way of observing itself..., musing over it's Patterns... ( Science, Behaviour of Humans and other Species, &  Esotheric Science as Rudolf_Steiner calls it ( Astrology, Talking to Spirits/Angels/God/Angels/Ghosts, Knowing because you know )).

One might call Esotheric Science quackery, but, most people who follow their horoscopes believe they are accurate.

Man has been spotting patterns for thousands of years, &, just because man can now observe the very small why should a tiny invisible Virus have more effect on the fortune of a man than the Stars. Anyone who ever hung around with Lunatics know the effects of the full Moon on some mentally ill people.

As Goethe said, "Man spends his whole life seeking pleasure, while trying to avoid displeasure."

As Eoin just so correctly said on this blog science doesn't hold all the answers. Scientists cont…

Engineering/Programming ideas worth investigating if you're an inventor or need a profitable project

These posts are ideas diverse and disorganised and poorly presented it is the objective of you the armchair entrepaneur to spot the gold if there is gold there for you.


An alternative to Roundup treatment over several years for getting rid of Japanese Knotweed, in countries where it has no natural preditor. Japanese Knotweed, causes damage to foundations and drainage pipes attached to buildings, and, can take anything upto 20 years to kill. It's totally rampant in the U.K. and governments are scared to bring in natural predators to it from Japan in case they cause an enviromnental fiasco of unknown proportions. There is an opportunity here for biologists, geneticists and chemists to save hundreds of millions if not billions of Euro in damage to property and Environment abuse cased by roundup

An Apple tree shaker with an inverted umbrella to safely collect Apples & mitigate bruising. These exist for olive trees but Apple trees in the orchards I visited are densely …

Illuminati member has NDE and leaves them


Extreme Gaming

How about a Games Controller ergonomically designed specially for feet.
It can be done & this guy could help design it. It also would be useful for people with no arms.
I'm sure there is a market for this.

Project Loon and the future of Carbon Neutral Air Travel

Project Loon is a project by Google to release a network of autonomous Balloons with Mobile Phone radio cell towers on them which ride air currents. The balloons get around by riding air currents which go in different directions & then using an knowledge of winds going different directions at different heights, &, an algorithm try to get them to go to various locations, it's not perfect but it's a lot cheaper than satellites, the balloons typically last 100 days due to cosmic rays causing damage to the outer skin, Google is constantly improving this,&, the baloons have to be rescued for the expensive electronics &, they could be used for more accurate Google Maps than Satelites too.
Here's the promo video

My first idea for improving this technology is to use a drone/robot of some kind inside the balloon to repair holes, althrough a flying one would be possibly more difficult due to helium being lighter than air. They also could be used by Amazon for deliver…

Stirling Engines the hype and the truth

Above is a video of a toy Stirling Engine, it was invented in 1816 & can generate mechanical power from a temperature difference. I had a few ideas about using the technology.
How Stirling Engines work is described here here
And various configurations are on the Wikipedia page

The first idea I had to use a Stirling Engine was where one uses heat from a bulk tank to heat hot water to wash the milk lines in a milking parlour. This saves a lot of electricity for farmers but one doesn't want the hot water getting above around 80 celcius as the refrigeration fluid would be too hot to cool milk going back into the bulk tank. These units are called heat recovery systems for bulk tanks. Technical info on the system can be found here and here. These systems could save about one thousanth of the electricity used in the world and reducing the carbon footprint. As heating 40 gallons of water per milking is not cheap.

The system uses an Electric Fan on the Condenser, this devices Electic …

The joys of Reverse Polish Notation

The big deal about Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) is that it eliminates the need for operator precedence and parentheses. We will symbolise multiplication by the "*" symbol rather than x to keep with programming tradition.

Why brackets are needed
take the sum
2*3+4 can be interpreted 2 ways
2*(3+4)=14 & (2*3)+4=10, without parentheses , typically we assume multiplication has higher precedence than addition ,in most programming languages in that multiplication is done before addition, meaning that we interpret the otherwise
ambiguous sum 2*3+4 as (2*3)+4 in computer languages like C.

In short parentheses are a bad inelegant idea in Mathematics and never should have been invented,
they are as stupid as Roman Numerals.

Youtube video here.

Wikipedia RPN explanation here which is quite thorough.

Well what use is this for programming and science?
Well we can count all possible equations within a solution space in reverse polish notation, somewhat similar to a Turing machine can…