Engineering/Programming ideas worth investigating if you're an inventor or need a profitable project

Thanks Tony a local friend for this idea, Waves on the Coast cause Erosion, why not use this Wave Energy to make Electricity, &, kill 2 birds with the one stone.

A satnav/google maps app especially for flying machines e.g. Airships & Balloons using winds at high altitudes to save/use no fuel,for more info see here.

Ergonomic Game controller for Playstation 4 and XBox that people with no hands can use.

Using Plastic to make roads this doesn't save money yet but thats cos of lack of competition, they've been doing it in India for years

Commercially manufacture John B. Goodenough's new Lithium Ion Battery
This new battery can store almost 3 times as much power as current lithium ion batteries making them ideal for cars and cheap sodium batteries can also be made using the same technology. There are risks getting this to market, are the exotic chemicals used cancerous, how difficult are the batteries to manufacture, as of March 2017 Maria Braga the lady largely behind the innovation had only made watch sized batteries by hand using these technologies. I personally contacted the University of Texas to see if they would sell Patent rights on ,the University showed little interest in getting involved with me in any way. I have an electronics degree, high school chemistry and some knowledge of solid state physics but no battery manufacturing experience. This battery could make Oil obsolete except for manufacturing plastics so I would be very interested in meeting others with whom I could get involved in making this disruptive technology. Battery innovations get announced all the time and nothing comes of them but John B Goodenough invented the original lithium ion battery so his name gives this announcement credibility despite him being 95 years old he is a legend.

People I trust claim this device adds around 50% efficency to the petrol consumption of your car, Here's the link & there are home designs for something similar, manufacturable with a jam jar a few bolts & washers on youtube.

For long shots with free energy devices, some which don't obey the generally accepted laws of physics, see this link , Phyllis facebooked me an interesting pdf chock a block with designs for free energy devices, she as well as other opinions which might not agree with mainstream, &, is a wonderful tree hugger. See this car which this man claims runs on water, people who invent devices like this some conspiracy theorists claim get killed by Big Oil or the Illuminati like Stanley Meyer. Also see this wikipedia link.

Another related idea for powering cars using water, which does not appear to break the known laws of physics (at least from my brief read of the blurb) is

Ideas for WebKit/Firefox programmers
Mathematic notation is messed up 16th centuary ism, operator calculus is horrible & the only people who can read your average maths book is those with a memory that can cross reference a name of a constant with a letter,

HTML/pdf/Word/LATEX document standards. needs a mathematical standard that one can hover the mouse over an equation & it expands mathematical variables to there full name, also, if the equation was expanded as a tree ( i.e. no brackets ), on a full page rather than as compact as possible on a single line. One could display full names of mathematical variables otherwise impossible so one wouldn´t be wrecking their head trying to figure out what an equation is acually saying because you don´t have to remember 20 variables written down in that very terse mathematical doctorial thesis 3 pages ago, &, you can´t get your head around. This idea I name, an equation tree, see example below in bad ascii art.

This equation on a line without variable names shortened to fit look like
speed of light in a vacuum = ( speed of sound in air * 2 ) + speed of sound in water

a complex physics equation would take several lines fully expanded. Maybe it's an idea to have the equation tree only to pop up if you can't understand the equation in terse notation.

Getting legacy pre internet programs accessing the internet without recompiling or modifying source code, Cobol, Basic, DOS etc. explained here.

A javascript engine cache alteration to the Web browser to cache javascript libraries so that these libraries are only interpreted once when they are loaded and they stay loaded across multiple webpages. e.g. jquery and bootstrap are required in a login page, after login a new page is loaded the javascript engine notices it already had jquery and bootstrap loaded so it skips loading them again speeding up the new page load and saving the jit compiler working too. For clarification this idea can't be implemented in Webpack or similar, it has to be in the javascript interpreter & browser.

I was always intrested in a system to cheaply allow an android mobile with a broken screen or a Raspberry PI with a webcam act as a internet enabled cheap cow calving camera WebRTC the technology used by google hangouts, &, Android phones use to make video calls, is the technology to do this, an ideal hobby project for a farmer with a programming itch to scratch.

Carpool protocol, why carpool websites and apps need to talk to each other, see here, for an explanation.

Android apps with too much competition

A Call Blocker, say you don't want a call from your boss when in the bar just hit a button your in the bar and keep all those painful calls away. Again there are approx 250 call blocking apps on google play. 

An app with less competition.
This is an idea from a friend Tony, Say you are driving your car and need a google app which is a fisher price toy for your kid to play with, this app shows up a pictures of all your friends an relations from a walled garden containing your contact that you want the child to recognise, the app asks "Who's This?" using a squeaky speech synthesised voice showing a picture of the person, when the child doesn't know it presses a sqeaky button saying "This is Aunty Marge" or "Uncle Tom" using the phones speech synthesis. The toddler will get to know all the people in your family circle and become a socialite at one year old. Too boring for me to do but it's a money spinner.

A program designed to find relationships in Mathematics & Physics available here, it needs improvement.

Stuff that can be done with Stun/Turn/ICE
STUN/TURN/ICE is used by FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber and similar apps on your phone to get mobile to mobile connectivity. If Firewalls & Nat Traversal and other IPv4  kludges didn't exist and we were all using IPv6 there would be no need for STUN/TURN/ICE.
However With STUN/TURN/ICE on IPV4 it's possible to have a website on your phone accessible from potentially any other phone in the world. Another cool thing you can do with STUN/TURN/ICE is have video streaming from a Drone with built in Phone technology and control it anywhere in the World from your SmartPhone. I googled this & I believe Parrot the Drone maker in Paris was trying to employ developers to do this.

Enhancements for KiCad in my opinion the best open source PCB design package, signal integrity checking for high speed designs, this would demand someone who is eats Maxwell's equations for breakfast and God knows what else high end expensive packages like Altium & Orcad have this.

A Distributed Bitcoin like Ledger Technology which isn´t using up a significant amount of the Worlds electricity for mining. Bitcoin mining as of March 2017 is using as much electricity/fossil fuels as Ireland and this has to be made cheap. Also Bitcoin distributed is ledger as of March 2018 is 149MB in size as of Dec 2017 & for full secutity it needs to be download to ones mobile for bitcoin wallets to work off the mobile phone I believe.... Bloatware.

Another related idea, using a technology like Hyperledger, a scheme in all emails,facebook messages,tweets,blog entries and blogs where one can find the origin of a lie by making sure that all sources of information on the internet are cited, &, added to a ledger with very large md5sum and other mechanisms to prove the post was not edited. This would make it more difficult for people to lie online.

Reddit, karma like scheme, with facebook likes, added to emails, &, tweets so one can figure out, what message sent from the pub, caused the loss of a friendship, it would be very useful, if used & make politically incorrect people, like myself, wiser of their stupidity , &, hopefully hold onto more friends.

Environmental Opportunity
Most developed/allegedly civilized countries will allow you abort an innocent unborn, before it has shown it's soul potential & the many lives God had chosen them to touch, who can´t defend itself & done no wrong, but not burn non recyclable plastic at home, because of releasing cancer causing Dioxins into the atmosphere. There is an opportunity to manufacture plastics burnable in stoves at home & are plastics this is an interesting solution & a business opportunity to manufacture chimneys or stoves suitable for this if it is a good technology. Further investigation of this idea should be done here.

P.S. If you have what you believe is a great idea you want to share please add it to the comments below, it would make this a living page, please call back, hopefully this page will get bigger ;)

Guess where Steve Jobs got the iPad idea, research Science Fiction & youĺl find an opportunity.

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