Project Loon and the future of Carbon Neutral Air Travel

Project Loon is a project by Google to release a network of autonomous Balloons with Mobile Phone radio cell towers on them which ride air currents. The balloons get around by riding air currents which go in different directions & then using an knowledge of winds going different directions at different heights, &, an algorithm try to get them to go to various locations, it's not perfect but it's a lot cheaper than satellites, the balloons typically last 100 days due to cosmic rays causing damage to the outer skin, Google is constantly improving this,&, the baloons have to be rescued for the expensive electronics &, they could be used for more accurate Google Maps than Satelites too.
Here's the promo video

My first idea for improving this technology is to use a drone/robot of some kind inside the balloon to repair holes, althrough a flying one would be possibly more difficult due to helium being lighter than air. They also could be used by Amazon for delivering heavier goods overseas if made more reliable.

The second one is to man these, make them more like Airships but put the Man inside with a Window at the front & ride Jet Streams at 150mph, it would take a few days to travel from Europe to the States. Have a mask with a Rebreather inside so than you can survive in the Helium atmosphere. 

It might be dangerous to fly above the Ozone layer due to cosmic rays. 

Bike Generator or something lighter to provide electricity with solar & ideally John B. Goodenoughs new lithium ion battery ( which has 3 times more storage capacity than normal Lithium Ion Batteries ) to keep weight down & the Bike though not ideal doubles as a mode of travel if the Balloon comes down over land.The electricity could power a propellor if neccessary too for short periods of time, it would also use Solar Power.

 This technology would need more accurate Weather Forecasts for Weather at all altitudes & an adaptable route planner, project loon hasn't released a google maps like navigation system for winds at various altitudes, this is essential for saving/using no fuel, for air travel, in the future. 

Please feel free to leave a comment if you wish to discuss this idea further or collaborate with me on a venture I've a weather baloon bought it on eBay or Amazon for $8, you buy the Helium or Hydrogen ;), or if Project Loon wishes to hire me Greeeaaat.


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