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Getting legacy pre internet programs accessing the internet without recompiling or modifying source code, Cobol, Basic, DOS etc.

This is a hack, also known as rerouting legacy file system calls to an internet server. If you don't have the source code available for a program but need it to access the network where it otherwise would access files, this can be done provided you know the file formats of the data your program your interested in and simultaneous access to these files from multiple sources isn't neccessary.

A typical DOS program which might make use of this technology would be to let a legacy point of sales till update a webshop stock & maybe even able to handle new products uploaded to the webshop. The till would need to the DOS program restarted at set idle times like teatimes, lunch break & overnight to sync with the web server as regularly as possible. File access is exclusive to one program at the time, no concurrency.

In DOS you'd do it this way in DOSBox,
Modify the DOS/BIOS/kernel( e.g. Linux) or the emulator code ( e.g. DOSBox ), the emulator code would be easier to access…

Why carpool website and apps have failed & the need for a carpool protocol ITEF RFC standard

Ever since Uber shares were bought up by Google, shooting Ubers net worth the several billion, a lot of young developers are trying to make the next Uber. This has resulted in there being around 250 Android carpooling apps on the Google Play Appstore & at least 48 open source carpool apps & websites & programs including my own attempt TravelSmart currently being maintained by a nice young gentleman from Florida called Chuk.

I went to Odessa Ukraine to meet a Olga in 2002, a lovely lady, I met on a Russian Romance website, &, was stunned about how readily people hiched lifts & carpooled there & most drivers would give one a lift anywhere for a a fraction of the cost of a Taxi.

This inspired me to make Travelsmart, in a friend Pio's house, between 2006 & 2009, when I was between contracts, we thought we'd out Googled Google. unfortunately I had a mental breakdown marketing it, nobody told me marketing was hard!, ( Google made various carpooling relate…

Great Lowcost/Free Electronics Resources

Pure Hardware Development ResourcesPredictable Designs Great advice for beginners & experts on designing stuff from this mailing list and blog.
Digital Fundamentals by Floyd a true lowdown on how Digital Electronics work.
Xilinx Student Edition  in it's current incarnation go at this if you want to become a digital hardware engineer. Learn VHDL/Verilog.

LTSpice for Linux  this is an powerful free open source electronics simulator LTSpice with loads of electronic device models it is designed to run on Windows & runs on Ubuntu via a windows emulator called Wine, install pSpice & Oregano if you want to stay open source pure. Windows version of LTSpice available here
KiCad Free Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design software

To learn how to design high speed PCB's read the pdfs from this Google Link
Designing high speed PCB's is hard and unless you are very confident read content from Predictable Desi…

Great Physics Books & Links

New Theories of Everything what can I say all books by a distant cousin John D. Barrow are fantastic, the man has a golden pen The Constants Of Nature will convince you, if not bellieve in God, at least believe in the Anthropic Principle another book of Johns which I'll let you amazon yourself or order from your local bookstore.

Feynmans Lectures On Physics the books that they will be teaching in high school in the 25th centuary & they were written in 1965!

Q is for Quantum a fantastic book by John Gribbin, &, probably not his best seller, but should be, he used by a friend on facebook, but alas, he moved on I suspect because of my religious views ( he's at least agnostic if not athiest ), &, couldn't handle me insulting & bullying him about Buddy Holly music, &, telling him he should listen to Eddie Van Halen & Diamond Dave instead my immaturity knows no bounds, 49 and not grown up yet!, like myself a huge huge Feynman fan, he has written 3 or 4 book…

Tai Lopez, &, the Bitcoin Gold Rush

Tai Lopez, is an advertiser on YouTube, who, has no problem putting one hour advertisments up. He was honest enough to admit that the reason he drives a Lamborghini is to get teenage boys to listen to him, he is interesting, but, I like the guy, but in this case I suspect a dangerous man to listen to...

I advised my friends to sell their Bitcoins at $10,000, they had made enough money. the price of Tulips went mad in the Netherlands in the 1700's and that speculation bubble burst too, I've no idea why, this is where the expression "You Tulip" comes from.

Bitcoin's value unlike money, being backed by Gold, (which is not the case in the U.S. for a few decades now,  it's backed by $650 Billion of Weapons Budget spent by the U.S. each year to force the World to accept the dollar as a "Gold Backed" currency. This is why the U.S. is 20 odd Trillion in debt & basics is the rest of the world like college education & medicare is so expensive.) is bac…