Great Lowcost/Free Electronics Resources

Pure Hardware Development Resources

Predictable Designs Great advice for beginners & experts on designing stuff from this mailing list and blog.
Digital Fundamentals by Floyd a true lowdown on how Digital Electronics work.

Xilinx Student Edition  in it's current incarnation go at this if you want to become a digital hardware engineer. Learn VHDL/Verilog.

LTSpice for Linux  this is an powerful free open source electronics simulator LTSpice with loads of electronic device models it is designed to run on Windows & runs on Ubuntu via a windows emulator called Wine, install pSpice & Oregano if you want to stay open source pure. Windows version of LTSpice available here

KiCad Free Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design software

To learn how to design high speed PCB's read the pdfs from this Google Link
Designing high speed PCB's is hard and unless you are very confident read content from Predictable Designs for advice. Signal integrity checking for high speed designs, demands someone who is eats Maxwell's equations for breakfast and God knows what else high end expensive packages like Altium & Orcad have this, buy these if absolutely neccessary.

OpenCores free open source electronics intellelectual property.

Static Free Software free VLSI ( Microchip ) Design software

How to install Ubuntu, Ubuntu is a version of Linux, a great operating system you don't have to pay a thing for & almost all the software for it is free too.

Ubuntu Linux distribution download

First thing do is figure out what a unix shell is, look at bash keyboard shortcuts,  & in the unix shell type "man ls" "man cd" "man pwd" "man which", figure out what a path variable is & learn bash scripting.

Resources for Firmware Developers

My coderdojo how computers work tutorials are here the first tutorial is completely self contained and requires no extra understanding, I would recommend learning a bit of C code in  Beginning Linux Programming or   C/C++ Programming lessons before tackling the stuff with gcc, for loops, variables and printf in the second tutorial.

Beginning Linux Programming a classic by Wrox press if you know everything in this book you'll be a good programmer by reading this book alone, just install Ubuntu,

Embedded Linux Systems the book you need to look at if your going messing with a Raspberry pi

Pro Git  git is a tool to allow multiple programmers work on the same source code at the same time and keep backups of working code, I have a love hate relationship with the program, it's absolutely neccessary for you to become proficient with at least github if you want to work with multiple programmers as a pro, it's complicated but absolutely neccessary.

Linux Device Drivers a classic, essential read before going at the guts of Linux


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