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Recent Sign in Heaven,Jesus is coming.

Enjoy, say your prayers & repent.
An interesting but less supernatural cross from Jan 20 2016 is here.
Below is a particularly powerful video on the Rapture also by Jason Paul, the last 10 minutes is particularly powerful.

Best rapture explanation video I've seen to date this guy is wired and on the money.

A bit of food for thought for you why doesn´t God get rid of evil. To do this he would have to destroy all evil in the world and throw bad men into Hell. He does not want us to go to Hell & this is why he is delaying his return while giving more dreams and visions to the YouTube generation that he is coming. People in rebellion against a good God explains the evil acts of men.

Caroline Myss an excellent popular author who I learned a lot from, medical intuitive ( describing a person as a literal pain in the neck is a real experience which manifests itself ) our bodies go out of shape from unforgiveness & theologian has the concept of a Sacred Contract which I might ta…

good anti Darwinian evolution arguments

Loads of additional creationalist arguments found on YouTube here.

Video on mormon belief systems

No hell, like the Jehovas witnesses.

5 Things to Give Up to Raise Your Vibration INSTANTLY


Dr. Richard Eby - Caught up into Paradise! a nice NDE

TBN interview, takes a few minutes to get going but it's good.

8 year olds vision of the rapture


12 year olds rapture dream


Is Jesus the only way to God

He said Iam the way,truth and the life there is no way to the father except through me. He also asked his disciples to Feed my sheep and make disciples of all nations.
Here is a far more intelligent answer by a man who met Jesus Howard Storm near death experiencer.

Obama Dream Compilation | Are They All Wrong?


Youtube search Rapture December 2017

Thousands and thousands of hits people are having visions of end times.

A sincere hell testimony by a scary african woman

I wish I had her fire, I've a family to convert.

Athiests visit to Hell

People in rebellion against a good God explains the evil acts of men.

Recommended open source software for Linux

LibreOffice & OpenOffice are essentially based on the same software they forked when Oracle took over Sun. LibreOffice is installed on Ubuntu but I suspect OpenOffice is better. These is a free 99% compatible free alternative to Microsoft Office they run on Windows, Linux  & Macintosh & cost nothing.

Blender this is a peice of software which runs on Mac, Linux & Windows it is a 3D art and animation package and you can make Movies like Toy Story with it watch Blender Guru on YouTube for tutorials if you have the patience, you'll be able to make a 3D animation of your name flying around the screen in a few hours playing but expect to spend 300 hours at this to become expert. Scupteo have a 3D printing tutorial for Blender here, however  just in case you want to 3D print Titanium replacement bones or a stainless steel gear with them. 3D printing is really catching on and Porsche are 3D printing rare car parts for their classic car models now. A lesser known fact is Ble…

Lowdown of everything I know about how to get good at programming fast

Hi there,
The reason I did this page, was, because, I am having difficulty getting a teaching job, so I want to propogate everything I know, about programming, before, I kick the bucket ,in 20 odd years time, Fast.
 I am not sure if all the links are,  "legal", free copies of books, but I verified they are genuine & if you are poor, I hope the publishers, &, book sellers, don't mind you taking a pdf. 

If you really like the books, please buy the originals, or, get legitimate copy for your library. Printing them off on an inkjet printer, will, only cost you much more money than buying originals, printer companies don't make the money off the razors, they make it off the blades,

If I get a "cease and desist" email from publishers, I may have to take some/all of the links down.

The links, i hope, will teach someone, how to program, beyond, what a typical degree in computer science will get you, so, I hope they save you college fees which might be $100,…

A moringa tree seed can clean one litre of water for Africa

Not as good as water pumps for Africa which cost at least $4000 but this is a cheap environmentally friendly solution.

Is global warming a Rothschild illuminati conspiracy

Global warming is a scam video starring David Icke from London real
Well the Rothschilds/alleged illuminati/people that control the world and the media own the NOAA which control an awful lot of the weather satellites, it's in their power to doctor data coming from and all tide height data which they also control. For more info check out this link.
Rothschild involvement with shown here their motivation is a New World Order one World government as all the countries of the World would need to cooperate to get global warming under control. I am not a global warming denyer but I don't want the Rothschilds controlling satellite and tide height data used by scientists. If everybody told the truth it would be easy to get information and we all would know who the baddies are.

This article by Christopher Brooker on the telegraph goes on to say that data from weather stations is being adjusted by weather archivers. Also https://notalotofpeopleknowthat.wordpress.…

Economic Truth, Rothschilds, Federal Reserve & The Illuminati

The Rothchilds used mind the Gold of Royalty in a big Safe during the middle ages, they used the Gold they minded to get Rich. Their big break happened just after the Battle of Waterloo, they sent a spy over to give them advance info on who won the War. They found out the British won several hours before it became common knowledge & and started a wild rumour that the British lost this made prices on the English stock exchange plummet to a fraction of their true value & the Rothschilds bought the shares up & made a killing. They were worth 5 billion dollars in 1865 & have invested in both sides during the first & second world wars. According to most internet conspiracy theories the Rothschilds control half the planet’s wealth $231 trillion & considering Apple computers is the World’s
richest commonly known company & is only worth $650 billion dollars this is an amazing flight of fancy.

What is true is that the Illumanati, Freemasons,Satanic Worshipers, The …

Man attacked by spirit guide who turned out to be a demon


Lovely Shamanic lady Linda Lilac's NDE and Kundalini experience

while you are at it check out some more of her videos, she had a very similar experience to mine minus the satanic attacks, she researched her experience quite well except for the Jesus bit and is a very good communicator.

Randy Clark the Jesus Healer gives tips


Rudolf Steiner biodynamic calendar and other good links

Rudolf Steiner is a psychic who met Jesus and wrote several books on the science of the occult and invented a farming method from called biodynamics from ancient farming techniques which are based on astrology and old wives tales, yields using this method are better than scientific farming methods.
Biodynamic farming YouTube video

Biodynamic calendar semi scientific explanation

The Rudolf Steiner Archive

Rudolf Steiner: How to know higher worlds executive summary shorter than YouTube rant

Rudolf Steiner outline of esotheric/occult science.
I don't approve of this occult stuff it's an 8 hour slow rant and tedious to listen to,
but it might offer some explanation of spirit.

I would like to know if Rudolf Steiners teachings can bring a person closer to god but people who go near this stuff are mediums stupid people playing with Demons shamanic stuff and Ouiji boards.
This guy has a 18 minute video Spirit Guides who turn out to be demons, and tells one how to test them. You might no…

Good preachers preaching the truth.

Josh Coen a young preacher's channel on YouTube is also highly recommended.