Recent Sign in Heaven,Jesus is coming.

Enjoy, say your prayers & repent.
An interesting but less supernatural cross from Jan 20 2016 is here.
Below is a particularly powerful video on the Rapture also by Jason Paul, the last 10 minutes is particularly powerful.

Best rapture explanation video I've seen to date this guy is wired and on the money.

A bit of food for thought for you why doesn´t God get rid of evil. To do this he would have to destroy all evil in the world and throw bad men into Hell. He does not want us to go to Hell & this is why he is delaying his return while giving more dreams and visions to the YouTube generation that he is coming. People in rebellion against a good God explains the evil acts of men.

Caroline Myss an excellent popular author who I learned a lot from, medical intuitive ( describing a person as a literal pain in the neck is a real experience which manifests itself ) our bodies go out of shape from unforgiveness & theologian has the concept of a Sacred Contract which I might take a step further. I sincerely believe before coming to earth we agreed with what level of faith and anguish we will pray to God for things to go right for our family friends and the rest of the universe. God left difficulties in our way to see if we can make mature decisions always choosing Faith and Love and Soul Potential ( us choosing ambitious noble challenges ) over Fear. Being a fair & just God he agreed he will do the best he can with our Universe according to the budget of prayers he has to work with. Wishing misfortune on a person is witchcraft & we often do it. Africa is testimony to this it has the best and worst in the world & wonderful Heidi Baker of Iris Ministries through Jesus is quickly turning Mozambique into something good in Africa, she is living to 99% of her Soul Potential a miracolous woman of God & an inspiration to the rest of us what we can achieve if we get off our arse. Small changes & we can have heaven on earth.

I advised a friend not to go to a shaman Mongolian ( woman ) after giving her life to Christ as mixing new age with Jesus is a bad idea. She fractured her Shoulder and has a stinging pain going to her elbow after an accident 2 days later, admittedly there is an element of the law of attraction in me almost wishing misfortune on her she was also planning on getting more christian institutions involved in shamanic experiences Deuteronomy 18:10 in the bible advises against this kind of hocus pocus. We are psychically linked and have had identical supernatural experiences. I had a pain a few days before her accident in an identical place & we have a mutual best friend with a sister with an identical rhumatism pain. I believe we agreed to  share this pain before coming to earth to spiritually grow. I got rid of my pain after 2 weeks in about 30 seconds by putting my faith into a copper band rhumatism wristband. Between our mutual sinning my another friend David fractured his ribcage so he could open his heart chakra to Jesus. Padre Pio wanted took the stigmata because he wanted to lessen the suffering of Christ for our sins which is why God blessed him with supernatural gifts. I´ve seen more than enough evidence of this kind of thing to be convinced its real. Anja Speigelman This story  is related to my life autobiography psychically too. I lived in Germany & was convinced that Hitler a person I related to was kicked in the balls by a Jew which manifested in his hate for them, I was kicked in the balls hard by a guy with a Jew related nickname and Hitler had a damaged testicle, approaching 50 I am finally getting over it.

Nobody except the father knows the day or the hour Jesus is coming but Jesus has been waiting on the starting blocks since the transfiguration in 33AD & with whats going on in the Temple mount in Jerusalem I sincerely expect he is coming very soon and loads of YouTube Jesus visionaries prophets and dreamers are expecting him soon. We have to be prepared.

If we sin we keep our Jesus, God the Father, the Holy Spirit & Angels busy cleaning up after us rather than giving us miracles. They have enough problems dealing with the Devil who is a destroyer and it only take a small wrecker a little time to create a mess which takes a lot of time to clean up, an atomic bomb is only 11kg of Uranium-235. Before singing along with I'm on the Highway to Hell with AC/DC please check out the video below 23 minutes in Hell and see for yourself if you actually want to go there, there are 175000 videos of testimonies of Hell on YouTube a lot of people have had a glimse of the place in visions and Near Death Experiences.


  1. Hi, I saw that you mentioned Carolyn Myss, I'm actually reading her Entering the Castle book now and find it to be very good, but I would like to know if you have read any of it and if so, if you liked it. Love your blog!

    1. Ohhh Bright Eyes a compliment, I'm all choked up, you are the second person to comment on the blog. I listened to my sisters Caroline Myss CD's it was around 8 years ago so all I remember on her is in the bit above one thing I noted was she started the CD's with a story about Padre Pio who miracolously appeared in the sky in front of bomber planes as a giant image to prevent a town in Italy being bombed during World War II.

    2. What other stuff on the blog do you like Bright Eyes :)

    3. My sister makes out Caroline Myss's CD's were "why people don't heal"

    4. I lokl how Caroline explains the process of the Interior Castle, it works for me. I'm a very visual learner so that's probably why entertaining the castle has helped me. :)

    5. Keyboard acting silly, lol, meant "like" at beginning of that last reply. Still working my way through blog but great stuff!


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