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Suggested alternative to PCBs for quick prototyping using silicon chips.

Bristle Blocks would be an somewhat childish but nearly ideal topology for connecting silicon chips together if one uses their imagination and a few innovations, imagine each Bristle was an Output and the holes they slot into were Inputs.
The narrow edges of Bristles and holes could be used for power with decoupling capicitors for power smoothing. If this were done densely packed Field programmable Gate Arrays and CPU's could be quickly connected the reconfigurable io pins on FPGAs are ideal, but, this would also need to be implemented for other chips such as CPU's, There are ideas approaching this, e.g. the old intel Socket 7 CPU holder. with the level along the left hand side to lock in CPU pins and keep the connection robust. This would be neccessary for the Bristle Brick approach too, if, the prototype was to survive moving.

for more examples see the following CPU socket entry on Wikipedia Also traditional breadboards are a bit like this

for more examples see Breadboard o…

is oil a fossil fuel?

My brother also said he saw something about scientists making oil out of Turf in Wales but I could find nothing about this on google.