Tai Lopez, &, the Bitcoin Gold Rush

Tai Lopez, is an advertiser on YouTube, who, has no problem putting one hour advertisments up. He was honest enough to admit that the reason he drives a Lamborghini is to get teenage boys to listen to him, he is interesting, but, I like the guy, but in this case I suspect a dangerous man to listen to...

I advised my friends to sell their Bitcoins at $10,000, they had made enough money. the price of Tulips went mad in the Netherlands in the 1700's and that speculation bubble burst too, I've no idea why, this is where the expression "You Tulip" comes from.

Bitcoin's value unlike money, being backed by Gold, (which is not the case in the U.S. for a few decades now,  it's backed by $650 Billion of Weapons Budget spent by the U.S. each year to force the World to accept the dollar as a "Gold Backed" currency. This is why the U.S. is 20 odd Trillion in debt & basics is the rest of the world like college education & medicare is so expensive.) is backed by obselete useless mathematical calculations, done by bitcoin miners, using as much electricity as Ireland as of March 2017 & Bitcoin mining isn't expected to stop till 2140.

Even Gold is for Magpies, Mr T & P. Diddy, the streets are paved with it in Heaven according to various guests of Sid Roth's  It's Supernatural TV show who have been there. Spanish ships carried it and sunk because of it. It has a few interesting electrical properties for electronics admittedly,

 I wouldn't mind but that's a lot of fossil fuels which can't be replaced for a monetary system still only doing a tiny bit of trade in the world economy. A less wasteful Distriuted Ledger Technology needs to be invented.Also the download of a Bitcoin Ledger to a mobile phone is 149MB as of Dec 2017 Bloatware... This is an opportunity for smart programmers.

A better investment would be Virtual Weapons in World of Warcraft. As Native American Indians say "You can't eat money, so value food", trading money will be worthless if the whatever hits the fan & potatoes at 49c a bag at Aldi you can do worse, ask any hungry African.

I think the Worlds Banksters may be helping to drive Bitcoin mad by buying it up & burning fools who borrow money to buy at the high price & put their houses at risk.

An Aliens ( e.g. The Grays which apparently the U.S. Government admit exist according to Anonymous ) SuperComputer could take over the mining, &, throw this currency into Chaos.

And we thought the people who bought Tulips were stupid?

For a different opinion on bitcoin, see this youtube video.

P.S. If you know of technologies which address these shortcomings leave comments below to inform the other readers, but be honest if the technologies have shortcomings mention these too, is Bitcoin the best cryptocurrency?

Or a recent tweet.

Q: How do I explain Bitcoin to my grandpa? A:

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