Great Physics Books & Links

New Theories of Everything what can I say all books by a distant cousin John D. Barrow are fantastic, the man has a golden pen The Constants Of Nature will convince you, if not bellieve in God, at least believe in the Anthropic Principle another book of Johns which I'll let you amazon yourself or order from your local bookstore.

Feynmans Lectures On Physics the books that they will be teaching in high school in the 25th centuary & they were written in 1965!

Q is for Quantum a fantastic book by John Gribbin, &, probably not his best seller, but should be, he used by a friend on facebook, but alas, he moved on I suspect because of my religious views ( he's at least agnostic if not athiest ), &, couldn't handle me insulting & bullying him about Buddy Holly music, &, telling him he should listen to Eddie Van Halen & Diamond Dave instead my immaturity knows no bounds, 49 and not grown up yet!, like myself a huge huge Feynman fan, he has written 3 or 4 books on Schroedinger Cats, which seem to fascinate some people no end rather than stopping at one & must get annoyed by his publisher to keep making new ones, but this book goes on about devices like SQUID's which can cause macroscopic displays of quantum effects, Cherenkov radiation, & will have addendums for Antimatter containment fields as soon as they are invented, great stuff for the armchair Quantum Engineer. He searched for Feynmans Van, I'm sure Bill Gates, another Feynman Nut, would give a Billion for it, &, subsequently sell it for a profit to Jeff Bezos, or Elon Musk.

Introducing Quantum Theory a cartoon booky wooky for old kids, absolutely brilliant introduction to the weirdness of quantum physics, goes through most of the main stuff, &, only around 60 pages.

 The Theoretical Minimum physics books are good and cover some stuff not covered so well by Feynman. Susskind is good, but waffles in his YouTube videos & is not as polished as Feynman as a lecturer. Once finished with these and going for your PhD in theoretical physics.

The penguin dictionary of physics good stuff but Q is for Quantum has the edge.

Quantum Mechanics Demystified a great workout book for learning to do sums related to Quantum Mechanics, &, so is a great compliment to Feynmans Lectures in Physics Volume III, which contains no homework.

 The most approachable book on String Theory was personally recommended to me by Ed Witten one of the best theoretical physicists in the world is Zweibach: A first course in String Theory, I didn't find it online you'll have to go to Amazon for it.


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