What is Consciousness & views on Horticulture & modern medicine

The views in this article are not necessarily generally accepted, they are an opinion.

Consciousness the Universe's way of observing itself..., musing over it's Patterns... ( Science, Behaviour of Humans and other Species, &  Esotheric Science as Rudolf_Steiner calls it ( Astrology, Talking to Spirits/Angels/God/Angels/Ghosts, Knowing because you know )).

One might call Esotheric Science quackery, but, most people who follow their horoscopes believe they are accurate.

Man has been spotting patterns for thousands of years, &, just because man can now observe the very small why should a tiny invisible Virus have more effect on the fortune of a man than the Stars. Anyone who ever hung around with Lunatics know the effects of the full Moon on some mentally ill people.

As Goethe said, "Man spends his whole life seeking pleasure, while trying to avoid displeasure."

As Eoin just so correctly said on this blog science doesn't hold all the answers. Scientists contradict themselves every few years, reductionism is falling down & quack science is getting better results, &, embarrassingly so. For instance, some websites say that Lipitor, a cholestrol lowering drug, causes heart disease this was believed to be a good drug, &, also gets rid of good Cholestrol, which is used for the brain to function properly. Are you buying sunflower oil in processed foods?, think again some food producers might not have your best interests at heart. Warfin is used to lower blood pressure, it's effectively rat poison & can cause brain haemorrage which killed a close relation of mine.  Western medicine cures symtoms rather than underlying problems, &, have as severe side effects as the problems they cure, Western Doctors are Bad Mechanics!, an interesting Facebook Group on learning Homeopathy is here ,keep a very open mind, it's total quack science, but, if you use it, you'll know it works as well as standard Western medicine.

 Also worth investigating is Traditional Chinese Medicine & Collidal Silver, my sister whose judgment on health issues I really trust swears by Collidal Silver which kills most bad viruses while leaving good ones & bacteria by electrocuting them, &, is sprayed into babys eyes when born to prevent Gonorrhea, &, it is where the saying "Born with a silver spoon in your mouth" comes from, the rich's teeth scratched silver off spoons effectively dosing with Xollidal Silver, &, gave them greater health. Don't overdose on Collidal Silver or you may end up like a Smurf see below :).

If you want a good business idea, making Good Quality cheap Collidal Silver is a very viable, it's just distilled water with tiny particles of high quality silver suspended in it, buy a home water distiller from ebay.com for around 70 Euro or an industrial one from alibaba.com for around $2500 research the stuff on the net, a high quality home silver electrolysis device which makes small particle sizes is around $150, the ones which get a claim a small particle size might be using a secret sause which is possibly reverse engineerable if not patented. The reason small particle size is so important is you get greater surface area of the Silver exposed for the same weight making it less toxic. The hard thing to get right is a very small particle size see this link. You'll need an electron microscope to check particle size, as far as I know, fancy electrolysis tricks need to be done to minimise this. A small 300ml bottle sells for around $25 in health food stores & only contains 10 parts per million of Silver! Advertise the stuff as a food suppliment so as not to get caught up in legal wrangles with Governmental Health Authorities.

What western medicine doesn't take account of is collapse of the Wavefunction a quantum mechanical effect that by observing something you are interfereing with it's reality, in my opion, & it's the Christian Science viewpoint, a person doesn't have cancer until diagnosed with it, this is why devout Christians can have miracles, & reverse the diagnosis of an athiest doctor, ask my dear neighbour "The Shepard" Dermot O'Connor  about Doctor Lamb who told him he'd never walk again, doctors giving fatalistic athiestic diagnoses are effectively doing actual Witchcraft, not encouragement, in my opinon, "I'm telling you, you are fucked", telling someone they are mad without trying to understand what they went through or are going through in their life is similar, God lets people see what they are supposed to see in their lives & another person has no right to deny the auticenty of their expeience. There are consistent versions of Quantum Physics which allow for Alternate Realities. I believe old people who meet their long dead relatives, or claim they got out of bed while bedridden are experiencing this. Admittedly people who are doting or go mad detach from our reality, but it's still their one. Also, as a last insightful musing from a good friend Ross, when people are sleep deprived, &, hallucinate, their Dreams infect their reality.

 Thus, reducing the patients confidence in their ability to survive, Doctors aren't acknowledging the power of God, they aren't trying to love, occasionally they don't love, sometimes they think they are Gods, admittedly I'm being overcynical here, but, there is an element of truth to it. Nobdody knows everything, &, we are all here to learn from each other, including Doctors! Dermot believed in the power of the Blessed Mary ( Pentacostalists believe praying to Mary is satanic because God is a jealous God, more opinions on Virgin Mary here half way down the blog entry ) and walked again, Dr. Lamb is long dead.... cremated to make sure he won't rise from the dead.I had a Dr. Tux in  Burgerhospital psychiatric hospital Tux is a penguin Linux's mascot & I'm work almost exclusively with linux, a Shamanic cosmic coincidence, who says God doesn't have a sense of humour. Thanks Alex & Ollie and family for being around when I was spending time in Psychiatric Hospital, &, helping me through this theatric but difficult part of my life, last but not least Jesus for not giving me what I wanted, but, just what I needed.

 The most effective cure I've personally ever used is a Copper Band to get rid of a pain in my Shoulder and Elbow. The pain was reduced 70% within 30 seconds of putting it on consistently, this is more effective than any pain killer perscribed by a Doctor, &, "complete quack science" with no explanation whatsoever except fixing ones bioenergy field or putting copper into the blood stream within 30 seconds of putting it on, "quack science". If quack science fails I advise you to try Jesus, the pentacostal church with African Music I frequent, which gets miracles occasionally, &, the Holy Spirit frequently shows up, please note that the address of the Church has moved to the other side of the Industrial Estate.

How hard is cancer to cure, heres an opinion on baking soda which leaves an alkaline environment in the body, which allegedly stops all types of cancer. Baking soda may be alkaline when dissolved in water, but does it's pH stay the same somehow when changed into entirely new chemicals, as it's dissolved in the body?, I haven't a clue & I suspect the people making the baking soda claims don't know either, people are claiming blushwood berry  cures cancer, however,there are over 200 types of cancer, but, I suspect radiation isn't going to do any good since it causes cancer, also chemotherapy is poison. I don't think the cancer charities are doing much good & if I wanted to save lives I'd buy potatoes in Aldi for 49c and send them to Africa a person receiving radiation & chemotherapy will cost 500,000 Euro for a serious treatment, there are cheaper options & I don't think Doctors are honouring the hypocratic oath if thats the best they can genuinely do to save lives as far as innovation is concerned.

 If you are unfortunate enough to be really Ill, and paying a fortune on Western Healthcare,  I advise you to move temporarily to India where your healthcare bills will be 5% of what they would be in the U.S. if very seriously ill. Another thing in my experience which helped with my symptoms of Parkinsonsism caused by my medicineswas magnesium suppliments, where possible go natural, try seaweeds which are high in Magnesium.

I've a friend who got cured of eczema by Ayurvedic Soap ( more quack science, viewed by the Church as occult which on reading the previous link will confirm ), the eczema practically washed off her, Western medicine for all it's claims only mitagates syptoms badly.

The most effective gardening techniques ever discovered were by Rudolf Steiner, called Biodynamics. Biodynamics uses ancient farming techniques, old wives tales from farming, stuff told to Rudolf Steiner by Faeries, & astrology, Deutoronomy 18:10 says we should not interpret omens, is astrology interpreting omens?, more here. The results speak for themselves, &, any gardener who uses these techniques consistently get around twice the yield of crops than any Horticulturalist using Scientific Techniques from Universities. I once read about Psychic Gardeners in the book "The Secret Life of Plants" beating Biodynamic Gardeners but they were more in tune with the Faeries. Artificial fertilizers are bad, &, I suspect they just sting food ( it stings to the touch ) into growing like a Slave Driver with a whip. Could occultic Biodynamic overproducing gardens be bad?, that depends on whether they are going to ultimately deplete resources, &, cause a famine when food is most needed, give Biodynamic food to where it's most badly needed in Africa and see if one still gets bountiful crops, if so the plants just might be blessed, one judges something by their fruit, Jesus killed a fig tree which produced no fruit for him in here, bad tree, bad tree.

About the Author

D.j. Barrow is an Engineer & Blogger interested in all sorts of things & ventures, his website is here

P.S. Please feel free to leave comments below, &, leave us with more food for thought.

P.P.S. Completely forgot to mention the importance of herbalists, thanks Eoin, for instance, I drink & my liver is under pressure sometimes. I started taking milk thistle, this reduced my liver enzyme level, from, 5 times what it should be to, 3 times last time what it should be, I went to the doctor for an exam & I was drinking more, Western medicine, &, big pharma has no answer for this, except a liver transplant, when one gets corrisis of the liver, take milk thistle, as a prevention before this happens, it's not a cure for liver damage.

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