The Cosmic Consciousness

If God was small enough for us to understand he would not be big enough for us to worship according to the Bible but this is what has been revealed to me about God and I hope you find it interesting.

The Cosmic Consciousness is the sum total of all consciousnesses including Gods believed by most to be in the Universe. Consciousness is the only thing which exists the laws of physics is the program, a small program, which is what the Universal Computer runs its pure mathematics. Quite different from Newtonian Billard Ball physics as we best understand it, with any degree of conservative certainty. As Elon Musk puts it we are living in a simulation, or are we?

It's totally immoral but one could impersonate God. We are perfectly capable of creating the matrix today just superglue a VR headset to ones face at birth, put needles hot and cold generators in a bodysuit, inject drugs into people to control feelings and hormone levels like brain chemicals seritonin & dopamine. Heroin for feelings of Love, Cocaine for invincibility, Drink for being stupid but feeling inspired. LSD for exiting the program, Arsenic for moving a person to the next reality after death. If an 18 year old nerd was in Grand Theft Auto he can go into a Stripclub get a Lapdance and have experiences which would make him consider giving up his girlfriend and behave as evil as he wants on his XBox 1 reality and that is doable today. The only thing  that would not convince the Nerd in this detached reality after a while that this is not real is limited by the scale of the program & the only thing the Nerd can control in this reality is his reactions and sleep, eating habits, toilet habits and a few things i can't think of this would become the Nerds reality, and even this could be controlled by a feeding tube and permanently putting the XBox and TV in the Toilet.

 The Standard Model quantum physics, relativity are slightly incompatible so the thing is a Hack. Physicists want a Theory of everything which explains everything, simplify the standard model, no hacks, explain and predict everything and explain why the constants of physics are what they are this is a little athiestic in it's expectations.

I am certain spirits intervenes in this program all the time using Hidden Variable Theory in quantum physics,before collapse of the Wavefunction when nobody is watching Einstein said "Does the Moon exist when nobody is looking" because of this principle, when people are looking he can use the Heizenberg Uncertainty Principle which limits the accuracy which variable pairs like time and energy or momentum and position can be measured by the laws of physics, creating virtual ( short lived temporary ) particles via the Energy/Time identity of the Heizenberg Uncertainty Principle, antimatter which is matter which travels backward in time to destroy matter with a 100% efficent E=mc2 energy release as light of  and lastly information/particle creation at the origin of the big bang and it going back down the sinkhole at the singularity at the centre of a black hole, at an extremely conservative estimate and possibly does anything he wants when God needs to get our attention he has a lot of tools at his disposal, I've only listed the ones science can't measure.

The data which this program is the information in the universe which is a huge huge dataset in the Mind of God or a Fractal. The most important property in use is freewill whether we are using the good side of the force, do Gods will and obey his laws of Love, the narrow road where one takes up Jesus's cross and follow him, the 10 commandments and 641 more if your are Jewish or the dark side, sin and follow our carnal instincts on the easy road so we think the highway to Hell.

Then again despite Raytracing Computer Generated Image programs like the one which made Pixars Toy Story doing an impressive job at impersonating reality to simulate the universe would require absolutely unreal processing speed probably 10 to the power of 500 faster than any supercomputer available today this is because there is 10 to the power of 86 particles in the visible Universe, so it would need around 10 to the power of 100 memory cells to store particle coordinates and temporary data.

To run a simulation using classical mechanics you would need to calculate the forces between each particle one at a time with every other particle in the Universe and update the co-ordinates each Planck time 5.39 by 10 to the power of -44 seconds, this is slow, optimisations can be down for the strong & weak subatomic forces maybe but gravity and electromagnetic forces would need to be calculated.  To calculate things when we are not looking might be even more complicated ( no collapse of the wave function ) & I don't know enough about quantum mechanics to give you the correct way to do this. But I believe we would need to calculate the Wavefunction of the Universe,  the probability distribution of where every particle in the Universe exists at each Planck time, and also deal with Virtual Particles. Thats assuming the physics we understand is real.

God is the largest collective consciousness that is Good and God gives birth to other consciousnesses like human beings souls, according to the Virgin Mary in Medugorje demons are created in mans heart when he does evil how true this is I don't know. The No. 1 question I have for God is how his consciousness was always there but being honest how couldn't it be, the Universe is just an illusion created by the God & is of less relevance.  According to Pythagoras we are all parts of God who are separated from him in this life to express our individuality. Creation is God exploring God’s Self through every way imaginable, in an ongoing, infinite exploration through every one of us.

A Meme is another way of looking at an idea, ideas are rarely original & are usually spread from one human mind to another by communication, they can be considered to spread like human genes, original ideas are never truly original but are probably communicated to us from God or some other spiritual entity. Ideas & conscious minds are distinct entities. Physical minds are vessels for carrying memes in the real world. Minds are just containers for ideas & values. It might be nice to think that there is no such thing as an evil mind just evil ideas, however this is not the case God gives us choices.

Each concepts might be stored in a precise location in “concept space”, gaining understanding might be zoning in on this concepts location. Truly original ideas or concepts are all that really need to be known as these cannot be got to from other ideas & reasoning these are like prime numbers.

Ideas may fly in & out of minds from one person to another like pigeons flying in & out of pigeonholes. The best eureka ideas often fly so fast between people they almost hit them at the same time, this often happens in science. Synchrodestiny of inspiration to keep scientists modest the true origin of a important ideas is probably divine inspiration.

Just because drugs can induce hallucinations & there is an area of the mind devoted to fantasy might not mean to me that hallucinations are in the mind.
One of the consequences of the Schroedinger Cat thought experiment described earlier in this blog is that whenever a sub atomic event with multiple possible outcomes occurs all of these outcomes become real and form a series of parallel Universes that have a separate existence & development. Our consciousness inhabits just one of them, the reality we experience. This is the “many worlds” theory as initially proposed by American Physicist Hugh Everett, these many worlds coexisting is another building block in my argument.

One of the possible interpretations of the Strong Anthropic Principle is that the conscious mind may be of central importance to what one perceives as reality, I believe that altering the brain’s state e.g. by giving the victim drugs, alters the reality the victim experiences to one of the other “many worlds” different to the one experienced by the rest of us who don’t have our brain state altered, this is somewhat akin to the victim tuning into a different television channel to the one that sane people watch.

Clarification is needed here, by consciousness determining reality I mean that altering the victim’s brain state determines the flavor of the reality being experienced by the victim, the victim I believe cannot influence the direction of his or hers experience by choice. There are other ways of altering our brain state besides Drugs e.g. a strong electromagnetic field might alter the way synapses in the brain fire, a victim having a brain hormone imbalance & going mad will cause the victim to experience an alternate reality.

Having sanity explained by a hormone imbalance in the brain is dehumanising the miracle of consciousness pharmaceutical companies & consultants which charge vast amounts of money for drugs for mentally ill patients is at very best curing a symptom rather than the underlying problem which is Spiritual, usually not being able to deal with the reality most of the rest of humanity is tuned into.

Consciousness is most likely the only reality, the Universe, the rest, is what the Indian people call Maya, the beauty which hides the reality. How else can one explain how 70,000 pilgrims at Fatima in Portugal in 1917 saw the Sun tear itself from the heavens & come crashing down on the multitude [ Ref: Richard Dawkins: The God Delusion ]. Thousands have seen the Eucharist spinning in the Sun & the cross on the hill in Medugorje appearing & disappearing. We tune into different

Maybe ones brain tunes just like a radio tuner into good, evil, confident, fearful, loving, hateful, thoughts from the cosmic consciousness or the unconscious mind by habit or temporarily choosing to, maybe brainwaves are literally the frequencies we are tuning into. A lot of thoughts are not our own but those of spirits we tune into, Einstein tuned into the God channel, comedians the conscious mind is not as quick witted as divine inspiration, you’ve made your witty pun before you have even tought about it consciously, if you think you are not tuning into something. tell me what your next thought will be?

Watching or reacting to how others behave can cause people to change their tuning, watching soap operas or people behaving badly can have very negative effects on most people & they may take on this life script as their own, not interacting with people can affect judgment & cause one to go mad. Judgment, how you act on these thoughts is done in consciousness might be mad, delusional or wishy washy dependent on drug or hormone levels or brain damage & swings in confidence. Schizophrenics are caused by a combination of bad judgment & sometimes tuning into a sometimes demonic channel for thoughts. Think correct thoughts & correct actions follow.

Altering the brain’s state while the victim is alive is equivalent to altering the victims conscious state. We are spiritual beings, God made us flawed machines largely understandable to ourselves from a science perspective so we would be able to learn to repair ourselves except for our consciousness. Some well known authors have come up with interesting arguments trying to explain away consciousness by saying it doesn’t exist, I believe they are wrong.

The brain is only a physical manifestation where consciousness appears to take place while the victim is alive. Doctors may talk about scientific things like brain hormones & can find out when we are dreaming by measuring brainwaves & have a basic map of what part of the brain does what from measuring brain activity using EEG’s & studying braindamaged victims, but to be honest they don’t have a clue how brains work admitted Googles AI teams are making very impressive attempts to reverse engineer the brain with their deep learning algorithms etc, this alteration of brain state has to be accepted as being Spiritual. Science might one day be able to explain the brain as a consciousless but self aware zombie computer which has neural net algorithms deciding what to do next.

I myself personally believe that God normally only crystallizes the reality of one Universe for normal people & then creates others temporarily when observers need to witness an alternate Universe or else a madman insists on going his own way & creates his own personal Universe, some variant of the anthropic principle may apply to this alternate Universe. The Universe that most of us witness is the Universe created by democratic agreement on reality in the cosmic consciousness of the Universe. Individual viewpoints mesh so that your world & mine can harmonize.

People witnessing the Virgin Mary in Medugorje or similar are multiple people seeing the same hallucination, this is how Mary does her work, like most women she is chatty & likes talking to people, nice woman. Surely Occam’s razor should apply here, the simplest explanation is the most likely, it is much easier for God to create one alternate reality for these people to tune into than give them all in the head experiences. The only difference between these visions & the hallucination of a Madman’s that nobody else witnesses the Madman’s hallucination so he has nobody to back him up.

When people suffer from a lack of sleep they sometimes hallucinate these are regarded as shamanic experiences. This I believe is because dreams are used to unload the subconscious mind & if this fails to happen due to a lack of sleep the dreams get projected out of ones head into the real world.

Rarely after a lot of drink people believe they are being chased by Rats & attempt to climb walls etc. to avoid them. This commonly happens to people suffering from Delirium Tremens DT’s. This I think is not a figment of peoples imagination but a very real experience in an alternate reality, I believe this is God’s way to scare the hell out of self destructive drunks to get them give up drink.

For conscious entities time is just a measure of rhythmic machine ticks, sometimes it moves fast, sometimes it moves slow, “A watched kettle never boils”, in life & death situations an altered state of consciousness occurs where time moves very slowly of victims so they get time to react, for some people their entire life flashes before them in a moment, some people report only seeing things in black & white because the brain doesn’t have the time to process colour images. Large doses of adrenalin causes an altered state of consciousness which slows down time for the victim. In combat situations soldiers have reported being able to dodge bullets like a baseball player ducking a baseball [ Ref:  Raymond A. Moody, The Light Beyond] If slowing down time for conscious beings is possible why not timetravel?,

Some people in who get put into psychiatric hospitals experience timetravel, these grandiose thoughts can be caused by a lot of psychotic disorders but are generally caused by a Serotonin & Dopamine hormone imbalance.

LSD & Magic Mushrooms can take drug abusers to Alice in Wonderland alternate realities, these realities can be places where the World is flat & the planets are carried around by angels, Galileo I suspect was only correct about our reality.


  1. The radio tuning makes sense, also how receptive a person is, if they have static that interferes with the message that someone receives, especially if it's from God. (Static like other people's impressions put on the receiver throughout life, how "loud" those are = belief is established especially if consistent) I wish I go on but have to cook dinner for now. 😏


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