Personal Account: An LSD Like experience I had in 2011 with the Faeries

There was a friend of my sisters I was attracted to, I was working in Cork and eager to meet her. My cousin Mary thought I was high, I got angry and drove up to Sligo to meet her. Around Clare in Ireland the experience started getting weird, anger & desire for some romance drove me mad, I detached from reality,  I both had a Faerie Religious experience and possibly a Seritonin Dopamine imbalance of hormones in the brain it was like LSD, the roads started changing shape one minute I was 1 mile from Limerick next minute I was one mile from Galway, minute after that I was back near Lisdoonvarna.

I was driving in the concept of Ireland and my SatNav was useless, I started ringing peoples doorbells for help I got none. I rang my Boss Eoin and his concept of Ireland was as bizzare as my reality. I was a sane man living in an insane world.

After going up farm roads and onto Burren roads a few times and had a went to a pub for a half pint seeing as getting nowhere driving. I got a notion I was in Germany when the road widened to Autobahn width and I changed to the other side of the Road as I got the notion I was going to Stuttgart to meet strippers. Next thing I was buzzed off the road for driving on the wrong side I took a quick turn left and ultimately I ended up back at the entrace to Ailwee Cave for a second time in half an hour.

Next thing I stopped after seeing Rocks come out of the ditch in Twlight and starting dancing in front of me. Then seeing as I had a dried Yellow Rose on the Dashboard, the same thing as on my mothers grave and my new second hand Primera was making sure I opened doors for women I got the notion that my car was teaching me manners and possessed by my deceased close relative or maybe a Faerie tricking me God knows, the car started rocking gently like it was dancing a waltz with me while parked lovingly reminding me of the time I was well oiled dancing with my the close relative in a local hotel and she was making the best of it not complaining because she was dying.

Dana of Eurovision Fame came on the car radio running for president and arguing her case. The bottom of the steering wheel was vibrating like an oscilloscope trace quite gently but vigorously to the sound of Dana Talking. A few years later a nice man who was quite sane except for hearing voices asking to do stupid things in St. Stephens psychatric hospital screamed "I'm not running for fucking President!", I wonder if Dana ever said that :).

Next thing the car started Dancing with me inside the same way as my mother Danced with me when I was 18 when she was Dying of cancer and trying not to notice the smell of drink from my breath. I was enamoured but spooked. Something was stopping me reaching my sister. After half an hour of Jesus in wonderland, I took off hoping to make progress to meet my  sister in Sligo.

I was rally driving dangerously around the Burren eventually I clipped a wall at 3Amand wrote off the car at 70MPH. The accident didn't hurt Did I die for a second time? I got out and started walking trying to wave down cars for a trip to Sligo it was around 3:30AM a truck and a few other people passed me by. I got the notion my Black Blazer was a dangerous Jacket as nobody could see me so I took it off and threw it into a recycling bin near a house.

I walked out of the burren and went cross country up rocky grassy ground it was 6:30AM seeing visions of my future practicing Karate with a partner and an Airship to use to fly the Atlantic with a single man inside the baloon itself with a facemask like a scuba diver breathing the helium oxygen mixture travelling on the Jet Stream between Ireland and America. Visions of the future after twilight at 8AM I found a "Total Concecration to the Virgin Mary Book by St Louis De Montfort in my Pocket and I started reading it. Wondering if this is what God wanted from me, I was interested but being a lukewarm but God Fearing Christian I thought it was a bit much.

Eventually I met a nice woman at her house told her my story and she gave me breakfast and a dry humourous yellow T-Shirt as it was raining and told me of her son whom I reminded her of. She called a policeman a young fella who was driving like a competent lunatic who took me back to the barrack for me brother to rescue me. I really wonder why he didn't crash too on the Burren Roads.

I waited inside the barracks for 3 hours for my brother. He didn't arrive quickly so I got fed up. Went outside the barracks and it either disappeared or I got confused and Lost. The Karate Audrey Hephburn lookalike who picked me up in Stuttgart in 2003 said one thing to me when talking about a deal she got on Pina Coladas "3 Euros for happy hours". I got the notion I needed to get my spending money down to 3 euros to be truly happy so I threw my credit cards & money into the ditch on the way out of that Burren Town and started walking home.

I was totally lost but walking home after a few hours I met a nice Terrier dog.
I showed him the "Jesus I Trust In You" picture on the front of a Handbook of Devotion to Divine Mercy. And asked the shy sweet dog if he knew Jesus, he licked the picture of Jesus as an acknowledgement and I told the dog I was lost and trying to get home. The dog proceeded to put his life at risk and went walking in front of cars getting them to slow down so  they would notice me hitching and allow me into a car. What a sweet intelligent dog.

Eventually my brother found me around 8pm and drove me to St. Stephens psychiatric hospital Glanmire. I was still having LSD like experiences my brother thought I was just in a good mood but it was like being in Super Mario Cart fairy land. I had a vision of what I know now to be Augmented Reality Virtual Sex after watching the Strip Club etc. on  Grand Theft Auto. Also a building grew into something out of Flash Gordon with Superman like 50 meter High tower Neon lights turning in Blackpool Cork. Finishing up with a trip to St. Stephens for 6 weeks.

The first night in hospital I was visualising who was "cool" like enough like narcissistic U2 to make it into heaven at high speed then a Lightning Strike from God gently happened warning me not to entertain stupid thoughts happened inside psychiatric hospital bedroom after which I instantaineously fell asleep.

Below is a video of me singing Barbie Girl in Psychiatric hospital, I thought it was great but I got no likes on facebook for my beautiful rendition :(.


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