Personal Account: Pubs and Religion don't mix

I had been off drink for 8 months, I decided to go to a "real drinkers" bar in Mallow thinking nothing could go wrong & said the rosary in it at the bar while drinking Murphys. Following day I ended up in psychiatric hospital.

 Another time I went blessing a pubs in Donoghmore hoping nobody would notice my mad behaviour. When I went out to the car what I reminded me of the spirit of a deceased close relative rocking the car gently dancing with me or Faeries tricking me I was having the LSD like experience I had at Ailwee Cave again. I tried to drive home the roads became unfamiliar I was driving in the concept of Ireland again but was unable to and the car was almost out of petrol, my brother and favourite cousin rescued me, Thank you, my car ran out of petrol on the way home.

Another time I decided to go to a pub and have Red Wine, I blessed it like the priest as Jesus asked it to make it into his blood, it was an excuse to drink anyway the night didn't turn out well, Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom it was disrespectful although I didn't realise it at the time. I got structural damage done to my house when God was warning me off drink, I promised God I'd give it up I haven't honoured this & am genuinely worried I'll end up in Hell for this, I won't got into the details but I know what a Banshee feels like.

Another time I was cycling home from mass & the front tyre of my mountain bike seemed to be miraculously deflating and inflating. The logical explanation is that friction from the surfaces of the tyre rubbing against itself was heating the air in the tyre.

Once I got home from Mass I started rearranging the ornaments  & things in the house as if they were people I could not stop myself. I also prepared dinner expecting Jesus to come. I had Andrea Bochelli's greatest hits playing, he wasn't coming and I got impatient. I knew I was provoking spirits so I blessed the entire house with small crosses of Holy Olive Oil I got from a Pastor.

I went for my walk around a 4 mile Ring near home and tried to visit a lady I fell out with, a fridge magnet of Padre Pio looked like it was screaming no, I stupidly ignored it. It was about 9:30PM on a Autumn evening and dark, I saw what appeared to be a unattached shadow near me and was getting nervous it was demonic. Half way around the ring I had notions that Shiva the Indian Cow God of Destruction wanted better treatment for cows from farmers and for some stupid spiritual mad reason I decided I was off to Heaven again & had to walk a few miles through neighbours fields until I find the gateway to Heaven and my bigger Heavenly Mansion my house was going to turn into on completing walking the Ring.

Anyway I began to believe Satan was chasing me on a horse hunt & I knew what it felt like to be a fox. I started running over ditches in my bare feet with briars and nettles, I wasn't making any progress in getting away and could feel the Hunt getting closer. I was really scared I was off to Hell I took off my Clothes, Scapular and Rosary Beads to throw Satan off the scent & continued running. I eventually calmed down & went to my Neighbours door around 1AM showing off my wee willy naked asked him for a lift home. He called the cops which were on in around 2 minutes probably because neighbours heard this edjit roaring around naked in the fields of Shanavoher. My brother and Cousin dropped me up to Psychiatric Hospital that night thanks be to God.

The last time I was back in Stuttgart chasing women on 2009, I drank, went to Strip Bars I frequented while working there, I got naked going up the hills of Stuttgart believing I had to get into Heaven which was a nightclub called Perkins Park ( our family farm was a Perkins Park too as our Massey Ferguson tractors had Perkins engines, so much for concidence ), I could not leave this world carrying belongings which is why I got naked anyway I got picked up by the cops. I met 3 characters out of Harry Potter a wizard who magiced me an apple while walking barefoot on the underground railways in stuttgart and a 7 foot high gothic character with black hair maybe he was real but he spooked me lastly after the cops picked me up and carried me to hospital I met this character Alastor "Mad Eye" moody

Mad Eye Moody

Maybe there was a harry potter convention in Stuttgart & a fancy dress character got locked up, but it really spooked the crap out of me while having delusions. You just don't want to meet characters in fancy dress in hospital where you don't know whats real and whats not.

Better get off the drink.

D.J. Barrow


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