Raspberry PI it's much cheaper and better than One Laptop Per Child ideal for computing in the developing world

My my my o my mamas sweet raspberry pi, use mobdro for all TV channels it's much easier than Kodi. At $26.99 from Amazon here &, even less from Alibaba.com the Raspberry PI Zero W is quite a machine, you can't go far wrong, sexy as hell the raspberry pi phone is cabled and even capable of running ARM MacBook Air and iPhone software if device drivers are written, &, anyone wanted to cripple it with an inferior OS to Linux... It also can run Android. The hi end raspberry pi board costing around a massive $30 now runs windows 10.

This plugs into the hdmi socket of a TV.
It duplicates functionality of a ChromeCast with Raspicast.

Here is the Raspberry PI Zero W running a DOS game I wrote, Boozy the Alcoholic Horse in 1993 almost perfectly. The game is available for free download here.
It also does Microsoft Word compatible word processing and web browsing.
It is a little sluggish playing YouTube videos as it only has 512MB RAM but with
RaspiCast a free Android App you can stream full screen YouTube videos from your phone to the TV through the Raspberry PI the phone doing most of the video processing.
It has Wifi so you can tether multiple raspberry pis to one phone to access the internet ideal for
teaching in third world countries.
The mini keyboard in the video cost under $3 in bulk from Alibaba.com here and you can nearly clip your toenails with it.

If you say it's not portable, it can be powered from a cheap USB Battery used to recharge mobile phones purchasable from Dealz a budget shop in Ireland for 1.50 Euro, this battery lasts at least 2 hours, I believe the unit is so cheap because it damages batteries in phones but it's fine for this job.

Did I forget to mention the expansion port called something like a hi hat the macbook air is much bigger and less expandable it's easy to make your own hardware with free pcb design software straight out of cern_now_has_an_internship_open_to_mechanical sorry faeries called kicad all the hi speed stuff is done so wiring is as easy as an ardriuno programmable in python and networks over the Internet transparently.
You should see the boring hi school projects being done by 12 year olds growing plants on the international space station. Where's the water sprinkler system Paul.
You can also develop software on it no problem & you can use it to develop skills which got me a long term contract for 72.9 Euro an Hour with IBM on Linux for S/390 in 2004, I was overpaid, I hope I was worth it. If my laptop fails, I will not be buying a new laptop, I'll be using a Rasperry PI.

Video phoning Google chromium Google groups or Raspicast for full screen.
Steve Troughton Smith Jesus wants to marry you as he does all good people, it's a clean relationship there's no desire for sex in an ethereal body ask any nde last i heard heavens streets were paved with gold like Apples pcb Apples logo is temptation when eve bit the Apple he follow you closer than U2 do on twitter cos it's a beautiful day and he loves you very very much. Swift sucks it closes the box. Wanna make good clean love with the good?
Sweet dreams Apple. Where's your innovation now?
The power grid from Gods throne goes through the streets of gold kinda like the global power grid idea on my sister website and computer club hardware failure is a thing of the past on the jesus book pro. Jesus never fails.
Steven put your best autism apps on YouTube n github. We need display postscript video acceleration in video card.
Steve has been leaving a running commentary on his twitter account on every way openstep
Will be better. Wait till Dave Braben reads The S390 principles of operation and steal amp signals ALL THE GOOD SHIT LIKE SIGP
PER PROCESSOR GLOBALS CPU HOTSWAP AND Check pointing and sell their processor back to IBM with the good shit like Segher and Karl Heinz's open source open firmware with a 3k core.....

My job is done David Braben, enjoy the ride. BTW cpu hotplug just deals with when amp SMP fails. Strong arm tactics for reliability.
How about a Rasperry piPhone

As you can see we've a wee way to go on the UI Stephen :), and me if left I'll try designing a case in blender as it runs on the pi why does iTunes cost 33 euro cos that's the age Jesus my Lord and Saviour was when he died,  Apple II 666 and Google the number of your Bermuda postbox double ham sandwich tax evasion trick I know who I'm betting on cos I hear tunes, don't be evil boys. Google open the amp specs rfc that's how it's done have you forgot also ur cheating a bit on GPL open old stuff patents have expired on give us a clue what ur upto.

For free .pdf books on how to program see my other blog page here.

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D.J. Barrow is a semi retired Electronics Engineer and Linux Developer his website is here.


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