Men claiming to be Jesus living in Australia and Siberia

Nora a friend got a message on her computer from him via a virus or something psychic. Also heard a soldiers dying message on her phone she lives in Ireland so there is no way she should be hearing this stuff.

The Jesus appears to be preaching a New Age free love "soulmate" message listen to it and decide for yourself if it's biblical, I think he might be encouraging AIDS. A false Christ is supposed to appear in Jerusalem before the real Christ so be very careful.
Below is another Cult leader from Siberia who has 2 wives claiming to be a reincarnated Jesus Sergey Anatolyevitch Torop known by his followers as Vissarion who is into Permaculture and preaching a message closer to the message of Jesus. In his system this does not make him God, but instead the word of God.. which is almost reasonable. He also tells us the bad companies from the good companies.

and Elvis


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