Thomas Aquinas a medieval monk gave what I think is the most elegant proof of Gods existence & it still holds today, which might have been anticipated by Aristotle. His proof is based on the idea of the original mover. Everything that moves has to be caused to move by something that moves until ultimately something which doesn’t move causes the first thing to move. The thing which doesn’t move is God. The first movement was The Big Bang what caused that?

Another interesting observation offering evidence of Gods existence made by Socrates is that everything has a use even if it is only to be beautiful.

The opinions expressed here are a bit bizarre and my own. A spiritual event is where the laws of physics are disobeyed. Miracles are when a spiritual event occurs in this Universe sometimes believed to be caused by asking God or some other spirit to intervene through prayer. The probability of a scientifically explainable occurrence + the probability of a miraculous occurrence = 1. Hallucinations are when a person’s mind views an alternate Universe where a spiritual event occurs, this can be thought of as the inverse of a Miracle. Sometimes hallucinations occur as a result of a lack of sleep this might be ones dreams projecting into reality. Some forms of madness occur when an individual cannot accept the normal reality God has created for them & the individual wills & seduces themself a more comfortable less traumatic personal alternate reality or Universe for themselves to live in where spiritual events occur. Popular successful authors like Deepak Chopra & Doreen Virtue believe you can ask the Universe for whatever you want & you shall receive “if you ask from the soul not the surface”
this is I believe because they didn’t chose God to intervene more in their lives, there are good people who pray & bad things happen to them in this life, they most likely chose prelife to suffer for spiritual growth.

Madness’s called Manias are people who believe they are going to be the next U2 or great concert pianists & are personally stunned when the World doesn’t acknowledge their greatness, belief that one is smarter than Einstein, reincarnated Jesus’s or that they are X-Men who can timetravel. This is a main highway into an alternate reality caused by craving & delusion.

According to some psychiatrists during manias people regress to the time during their “terrible twos” when they believed they were the centre of the Universe & desire to be a higher power than their oppressive parents & environment. Lets face it most people not yet forced to face the responsibility of parenthood want to be an X-Men & grow up when they have to put childish wants behind. Other examples of routes into alternate realities are people whose loved ones have died & they make dinner for them & appear to be talking to the ghosts of their dead loved ones. People after a serious Car accident may meet their dead mother who tells them they are going to be alright. Anorexics who think they are fat
maybe living in alternate realities. Schizophrenics who are hearing voices I personally believe should be exorcised of their daemons. Atheists are doubting Thomas’s they only believe in what they can see & touch. Most atheists view spirituality & religion as a sickness of the mind anything which cannot be reproduced under laboratory conditions doesn’t happen. Science is the religion of
skepticism & when atheists are involved can be as as dogmatic as medieval christianity.


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