Near Death Experiences

God has been providing people with glimpses & hints of Heaven at least since man first walked the Earth. Outer body experiences or OBE’s are usually near death experiences or NDE’s when the soul or consciousness temporarily leaves the body & floats above it, from this perspective the person having the OBE can see things which would be impossible to see if the consciousness remained in the body, OBE’s prove there is a split between mind & body [ Ref: Dorreen Virtue, Angel Visions II  ]

Doreen Virtue was told that this is what she is to teach as a child during her OBE by an Angel or Spirit Guide. Blind people can see during NDE’s & show no brain activity while this is happening.

Near Death Experiencers see colours which don’t exist on earth these most likely are outside the visible spectrum and probably can see radio & gamma rays as colours. When the person is brain dead the consciousness is fully released from the body.

Some of the following events typically happen during an NDE not necessarily in order.

* A feeling of popping out of ones body, sometimes accompanied by a buzzing usually during a trauma like a car crash or a heart attack.

* Floating above your body & gradually becoming aware that the body you are looking at is you.

* Being able to see 360 degrees around with ones soul eyes, travel through walls & at great speed to places just by thinking about it, ones body in this state feels like a horrible cumbersome unnecessary suit.

* Blind people are able to see & able to see colours not seen on by us as humans, not having seen these colours are not able to imagine them gives strong evidence that one is seeing colours outside the human visual spectrum, probably every light frequency from almost 0Hz (DC) to gamma rays & beyond, also, gold streets & buildings in Heaven are transparent implying our soul eyes are able to view X-rays, seeing colours not seen before by humans is unimaginable to the person prior to the event, at least me.

* Existing outside of time, God says time is only made for mans convenience another part of the experience unimaginable in dreams.

* Being of infinite intelligence & able to learn vast volumes of knowledge instantly & being able to communicate volumes of knowledge& emotions to other spirit beings instantly.

* Some can have a negative experience & go into the valley of the shadow of death until they call out for help from Jesus who then saves them, one might stay there for quite a while owing to shame as they become aware that one can hide nothing from God or anyone else in heaven.

* Meeting angels, relatives or spirit guides.

* Travelling through a tunnel at great speed to a light brighter than any Sun which is usually recognized as Jesus although some people of Hindu religions might recognize him initially as Krishna.

* Having the ability to acquire all Gods knowledge.

* Having a life review on a large screen complete with smells at great speed & being able to observe the consequences/ripples caused by ones good & negative actions in their life, Hitlers must have been Ugly.

* Having a fantastic trip around heaven.

* Being told that they must go back to the land of the living or being given the choice to go back.

* Losing most of the vast body of knowledge one acquires & going back into ones body.

* After arriving back on Earth people have an entirely different perspective on life, which might be relaxing & not sweating the small stuff, becoming more passionate & motivated, having a thirst for knowledge, change in careers & generally becoming a more positive & loving person.

* Some people go to Heaven where they meet Jesus & sometimes have a Judgmental experience, some when having an NDE due to drugs overdose or attempted suicide have a Hellish experience.

* Some find that God is not Judgmental at all and has completely unconditional love, these people must be warned that the Devil can disguise himself as a Angel of Light according to the Bible in 2 Corinthians 11:14-15

"And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an Angel of Light. It is not surprising, then, if his servants also masquerade as servants of righteousness. Their end will be what their actions deserve."

NDE’s aren’t completely without some scientific explanation. According to This article the drug Ketamine can reproduce all the main features of the NDE, travelling through a dark tunnel into the light, the feeling that one is dead, communing with God, hallucinations, out-of-body experiences, strange noises, etc. Also patients who appear brain dead may in fact be capable of conscious thought.

In 2006, scientists in the UK and Belgium did an fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) on a woman in a vegetative state and found that parts of her Brain showed activity when she was spoken to and asked to think about things like Playing Tennis.

One route to creating alternate realities on demand is hypnotism but after research I found out that people under hypnosis when asked know that what is happening is not real. I’ve however found more contradictory evidence where a child was able to read a watch through an invisible person. I’d suspect if the person under hypnosis was given the suggestion it is real that the “Leprechaun” or whatever would be real to the person in question. God will only intervene in our life at critical points when we ask him before coming to Earth & the rest of the time he just doesn’t get involved as we need experiences for spiritual growth.

Some authors like Deepak Chopra & Doreen Virtue claim we can simply ask Somewhere up above there is a Universal guidance system & you are on that radar screen. Hypnotism is not very successful in stopping smoking, drugs sometimes have no effect, however hypnotism it has temporarily cured diabetes in some patients, If something out of the ordinary happens by hypnotism is can be considered equivalent to madness or a Miracle.

God has a divine plan & operates in mysterious ways, & what works for one person will not necessarily work for another. Deuteronomy 10:18 says don't interpret omens, we can see them & usually ignore them looking backwards, those cosmic coincidences which Shamen can interpret, so can comedians, they show God has a wicked sense of humour.

Dr. Francine Howland a Yale psychiatrist who specializes had a patient with multiple personalities, who suffered a wasp sting. This patients eye was completely swollen shut from the wasp sting, one of this mans alternate personalities was an “anesthetic personality” when this personality took control of the body, the pain ended, by the time the man arrived at his appointment at the Ophthalmologist the swelling was gone & the eye had returned to normal, however, after being sent home the mans original personality returned along
with all the swelling of the wasp sting. Maybe there is something to this mind-body-spirit thing. [ Ref: The Holographic Universe ]

The Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung had a patient who was a young man who suffered from paranoid schizophrenia, who was having a hallucination where when he moved his head from side to side the Suns “Penis” moved & caused the wind to blow. Several years later Jung came across a 2000 year old Persian religious text which consisted of a series of rituals & invocations designed to bring on visions. It described one of the visions that if the participant looked at the Sun he would see a tube hanging down & if he moved his head from side to side it would cause the wind to blow. [ Ref: The Holographic Universe ]

Stanisav Grof the chief of psychiatric research at the Maryland Psychiatric Research Center while investigating the clinical uses of LSD at the Psychiatric Research institute in his native Prague were able to tap into the Cosmic Consciousness of different people at different times, for example Grof had one female patient who assumed the identity of a female prehistoric reptile & was not only able to give a richly detailed description of what it was like to be such an animal, she noted that the most sexually arousing part of the male dinosaur was the coloured scales at the side of the head. Grof later confirmed with a zoologist that the coloured scales on the heads do play an important role as triggers of sexual arousal in reptiles. [ Ref: The Holographic Universe ]

Peoples lives are full of coincidences a friends father told me he saw the Eucharist spinning in the Sun while at Medugorje. I have a friend who had the same image come to him while meditating two days later. A former teacher of mine said the last thing he saw before he went blind was a fox carrying a white cat in his mouth
while driving. Two days later I saw a tapestry at a friends cousins house of a fox carrying something white in his mouth. Coincidence or Synchrodestiny? I think Synchrodestiny.

As physical beings the most obvious & reliable way to affect change is through physical action. If one believes in spirituality the other way is to ask a spiritual entity through prayer. Everything that happens in this Universe has to either be caused by Miracles, the laws of physics or by mortals physical action.

P.S. There are hundreds of thousands of near death experiences on youtube just search Near Death Experience this one is representative of a Christian NDE from the Sid Roth It's Supernatural Show.
P.P.S. From NDE's we know in simplest terms only 2 religiions the one of love & the one of fear. Choose love, &, acknowledge that if Jesus actually died for our Sins, we should be very thankful to him, apparently Jesus chose love too ;)


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