Are these magicians using Jinns, Genies or Demons?

Don't believe in the SuperNatural or Faeries, Demons or Leperachauns yet!, have a look either Computer Generated Graphics  have evolved to the point that it really is completely indistinguishable from reality & these magicians are using very convincing stooges. Did these guys sell their souls for Superpowers?, I honestly don't know.




David Blaine

Derren Brown

Youtube Demon Magic for more examples, is this stuff indication of End Times like the Egyptian magicians who made the Pharoh Arrogant against Moses, Scary Stuff.

If these guys truly have magical powers and are good people they should be using their powers to feed the hungry as Yif made the loaf in the video above and Dynamo made Fish  rather than using their powers to impress & seduce the ladies.


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