What is the Universe & the EPR paradox

There is a concept in quantum mechanics which Einstein referred to as “Spooky action at a distance” or the EPR paradox. This happens when a pair of particles e.g. electrons interact with each other & are set up to have a quantum property e.g. total spin to be 0. The electrons then fly apart not interacting with anything else till the experimenter decides to look at them while the particles are travelling apart across the Universe, they are both in a superposition of spin states, both up & down. When the experimenter decides to measure the spin property of one electron owing to the "collapse of the wavefunction". The spin property of the other electron is instantaneously equal but opposite, i.e one electron spin up the other has spin down, this shows that non-locality is indeed a property of the quantum world.

How can the Universe be considered 3 dimensional in the Newtonian sense if interactions can happen across its entire width instantaneously.  The Universe is not really a thing as you would expect in Newtonian physics, I personally believe it is a process in Gods mind, a computer program, as Elon Musk describes it a simulation which is brought into reality by conscious observers like ourselves observing it. Newtonian physics allowed instantaneous action at a distance too, with gravity, but made no attempt to explain it.


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