My efforts to crack RSA, it was maddening

RSA the encryption algorithm that secures all the Worlds Banks for since 1975 is based on a mathematical problem which has stumped the best Mathematicians in the World since the Stone Age, the factoring of large numbers.

The guts of RSA is based on choosing two large Prime Numbers, numbers only divisible by one and itself, typically over 100 decimal digits long. Multiplying them together, this is your magic number & then let some misfortunate hacker try to figure out what the 2 numbers are. If he can find them RSA is hacked.

 So simple a 10 year old can understand the problem, so why the hell cant a 12 year old crack it was beyond me. Mathematicians I know said that short of a Quantum Computer RSA is safe & can't be cracked but they did not say why, it was just a belief they had.

One thing related to prime numbers which Mathematicians do a really bad job at explaining to the layman is the Riemann Hypothesis which relates prime numbers to a curve in some way, it has improved a lot but, please try to simplify the Wikipedia article, to explain like I'm 5 level, to get kids interested in Mathematics, it's one of the most important Mathematics problems left, &, the Mathematicians are keeping it all to themselves.

On my visit to Prague in 2002 I was really confident that I was within hours of cracking it in several occasions & told my friend, Anton, who was with me for the wild nights misbehaving that.

The insight I found out the hard way after probably one year spare time playing with the Chinese_remainder_theorem and probabilities & reverse engineering the multiplications bit by bit in binary was that Primes are atoms, and almost no knowledge of the factors can be ascertained by modulo tricks with the Chinese remainder theorem or by reverse engineering the multiplicatons. It´s really really hard.

I´ve put the only copy of my efforts I could find on github here, sorry I couldn´t locate the most current stuff, this git I wasn´t using github at the time ;)

About the Author
D.J. Barrow is a semi retired Engineer & Linux Kernel Hacker, his website is here


  1. Great work, I am also working on an almost similar project. Maybe I'll get in touch sometime.
    I might even use some of your code to get things working since you put alot of effort in them.

    1. Thanks Kennedy, I did put a lot of work in but I've absolutely nothing to show for it, none of my ideas amounted to anything useful. The most useful thing I have which may have use in cracking stuff is my project which is better at spotting patterns than a human.

    2. kennedy my email is


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